The Twenty-Second Portland International Lighting Fair

The 22th Portland International Lighting Fair (hereinafter referred to as Poland Lighting Fair) will be held in Warsaw on late February 2014. The exhibition was initiated in 1993 by the Polish AgencJa SOMA Exhibition Corporation, the Polish Ministry of Economy Honorary Patron of Poland and the Polish Association of Lighting Manufacturers Association, and is Poland’s largest lighting trade fair, it is also one of the most influential professional lighting exhibition in Eastern Europe; the quality of the exhibits is high in the show and is innovatively designed, attracting a large umber of the audience from the Eastern Europe and EIJ countries every year.

The twelfth electrical equipment and safety systems of Poland and the 6th Portland Clean Energy Expo exhibition will be held in conjunction with the exhibition. Poland is one of a relatively successful economic transition country in Eastern Europe, which is located in central Europe, the north and east border on Russia, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine the south adjacent to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the western border with Germany. Its strategic location, the traffic lead in all irections, is not only the link between the Eastern b Western Europe, but the shortcut into the Eastern Europe and other countries.

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In recent years, there is a large-scale expansion of investment and construction in Poland Warsaw and its surroundings, which directly spawned a large demand for lighting products. Especially in the past three years, the Polish lighting market is growing rapidly, the annual increase rate is nearly 37%, which is sufficient to show that Poland is a fertile ground for our lighting enterprises to develop new markets, evelop new business.

The 21 th Portland Lighting Fair organized on March 11”13th this year is the largest and most important ever since the show was held. The exhibition received strong support from the Polish government. In the exhibition opening ceremony, Minister of Economic Affairs of Poland, the Polish government cabinet officials, officials of China Embassy in Poland, the European Union official trade lighting General attended the ceremony.

In line with the philosophy of theenergy efficiency, innovation, eco-friendly, New lectrical engineering, electrical installation technology was added as the exhibition content in the 21 th Portland Lighting Fair, the exhibition area is over 12,000 square meters; from 396 Polish and foreign companies demonstrated their innovative products, many unique products were firstly displayed at the Poland show, which provide a more professional answers and solutions with many international buyers. Canada, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Mongolia, China and China Taiwan and other places.

For the lighting products in the exhibition, the solid-state lighting category accounted or 25%, the offices, public buildings lighting category accounted for 22%, the street lights and other lighting accounts for 1 5%, the home decoration lighting accounted for 14%, the commercial and industrial lighting accounted for 8% , the architectural lighting accounted for 8%, other 8%; for the power equipment, the power equipment and accessories accounted for 23%, the automotive products accounted for 19%, the low volt grid system accounted for 12%, 9% power innovation, power box control, security, energy, overpressure protection, energy distribution systems accounted for 7%, other 9%.

In order to promote the development of the lighting industry, , the organizers also held the 12 times symposium related topics during the 21 th exhibition, about 1200 spectators came to participate in a variety of academic discussion. the “building science, space, lighting”, “City and community lighting”, “energy efficiency’ and “innovation development” and other issues was sin-depth discussed in the meetings. The 21 th Portland Lighting Fair has achieved good results. According to the organizers to statistics, 83% of the exhibitors are satisfied with the show, 76 percent f the exhibitors said they would continue to participate in the 2014 Polish lighting equipment exhibition, more than 85% of the exhibitors has created the new business relationship through this exhibition.