All about the harmful effects of television which are increasingly seen among young children. Over the last several decades, a number of studies have shown that there are several ways that television can be harmful to the mental and physical health of children. TV should be labeled as a culprit in creating murderous children. TV programs promote negative behavior and children tend to display this violent or antisocial behavior. As a result, the innocence of children gets washed away at a small age. Most of the things on the television are not true and are non-educational.

Small children without knowing about reality, implement these wrong things in their life. TV viewing leads to poor school performance. More time spent in front of television means less time spent on homework, outdoor and social activities. TV makes children sedentary and inactive. Late night TV watching causes nightmares and acts as a hindrance in concentrating in school and solving problems. Most of the children watch cartoon channels. They become addicted to such channels and waste their precious time. TV is bad for our eyes and it also leads to obesity. There is a strong relationship between TV viewing and obesity.

Children take in too many calories in the form of junk food which is advertised on the television and do not burn enough calories sitting still rather playing in the open air. TV viewing also leads to the buy me syndrome which is the result of advertisements shown on television. Parents of young children often have to deal with the commercial influence of television every time they take their children to the market. Some parents cannot afford to buy such toys which pressurise the parents. Therefore, TV viewing should be controlled. So the next time you switch on the television, do think about the harmful effects of television.


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