Turning to other girls when asking
advice about men is a little bit off; although, girls tend to do that more
often. But why not go directly to those male species and ask them directly
regarding relationship issues? If you do not have the nerve to do that, you
better delve into this article to learn few tips on how a woman deals with men.

1. Men can always be
a best friend material

Whatever gossips you heard, drop it down. It is absolutely
viable for a man and a woman to be friends for life. Therefore, do not freak
out whenever you find your man talking with a girl.

2. Make your
relationship simple 

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By nature men do not like complications, especially
when it comes to a relationship. All they wanted from you is to be transparent and
straightforward. They do hate mind games and controlling women as the action
will bruise their ego.

3. Deception is one
thing a man Hates

Another piece of advice from men is that never deceive
them. If you hate something, tell it straight on their face. They would
appreciate it if you tell the truth rather than playing mind games with them
and make them guilty for dragging you out and making you bored throughout the


4. Men do want

Rumor has it that men hate commitment but that’s not
true. Of course, they may be anxious about marriage and responsibilities but it
doesn’t mean they don’t like commitment. They are just trying to find the right
timing where they are ready to raise a family.

5. A man is not a
work in progress for you to complete 

An added piece of advice from men, to women is that;
 they wanted to be loved for what and who
they are not for what they could offer. Therefore avoid any attempt to change
them. Trying to manipulate them surely bruises their ego making them feel unloved,
a surefire to make them flee.

6. Men hate

Comparing your present boyfriend or partner to your
previous man is a No, No, No. Never compare the ex from the new one since no
two individuals are the same. Each person is unique so bury your past and move

7. Men need
socialization with their own kind

It is important for you to know that men wanted to
bond with their fellow men. Just because they are in a relationship with you
means they could not socialize with their old buddies. Give them freedom, and they
will love you more.

8. Men do love
independent women 

Men wanted to feel like they are a knight in a shining
armor to protect the woman they love but not all throughout their lifetime. Men
also wanted a strong-willed woman, with aspirations and goals in life; more so,
men love to have an independent woman to be with their side to face all the
trials that comes along the way.

 9. Appreciation and
Praises always melt a man’s heart

Men by nature are egoistic, that’s why from time to
time you need to boost their ego with praises and appreciation even on small
things they had done for you. Constant nagging and blaming will eventually send
love outside the window and thus drive your man away.


10. Open communication
is important for men

Guys are no good at
all at reading subtle signs, so a good and straightforward communication is the

The key to a healthy
and stable relationship is effective communication. Keeping the lines of
communication open is very essential since men are no good when it comes to
mind games or the guessing game that most women play. Men could not read signs
or body language most women transmit. Therefore, you need to voice out what you
feel just make sure to be subtle and nice especially when it comes to



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