Turkey to become a regional center for natural

Turkey is a natural bridge between
Asia and Europe and from that point of view diversifies regional and EU energy
supply from the sources in the Caspian basin and the Middle East. Turkey’s
energy security in periods of increased demand can be restructured by provided efficient and competitive energy market
system. In addition gas consumption increased 2.6% on average per year in the last
eight years and this trend is expected to
continue in the next decade. Hence, supply deficit is growing, new solutions
and structure changes will definitely be needed to meet expectations. This creates many opportunities for national
and international investors who would like to be part of this growing market. Close
to most of the world’s natural gas reserves and is located at the intersection
of transit roads EU Turkey wants to become a regional center for natural gas and energy.


In this study, emphasized the general outlook of the natural
gas market and energy overview of the world. Afterwards, natural gas markets are examined, their structure and first discovery of natural gas in the history,
new implementation in the gas supply sector. Natural gas prices and tariffs are obtained in household consumers and
industrial consumers for European region countries. A comparison and
correlation between LNG, Brent, Natural gas Wholesale prices and BOTAS monthly prices are shown
in the table.

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Under moderate demand growth,
shown in the regression model it is retrieved by using monthly historical
demand data last five years, it is certain
that demand will grow in the future years, however with government implications
regarding minimizing of gas share in the
energy supply suppressed the gas utility in the power plants. On the other hand, a in a qualitative approach carried
out to  supply and demand model, showed
the certain deficit in the energy balance from that point of view, both
weakness and suggestions are multiple, focusing on renewable energy, extension
of import contracts, more investments to research and production and lastly,
termination the monopoly of BOTAS while improve the structure an redesign the
market conditions with coordination of energy policy between the EU and Turkey.