In the holly quran allah has dictated,’he will virtuos who will plant more trees. ’so from time to time immemorial trees are greatly related to human beings. they are the most important and useful gift of the nature. they provides immense wealth and riches to us. they are delicious and contains vitamins that makes us healthy. they also supply us with goods to build dwelling houses to live a happy and comfortable life. they give us flowers to decorate our house beautifully. they absorb carbon-dy-oxide from air and resease oxygen which is needed for our life line. we depend on trees. hey maintain a balance in the gaseous elements of air and prevent floods. besides,they keep our environment cool and make fit for comfortable living. they induce rain,prevent erosion and maintain ecological balance. trees are our great frnds but we are destroying them unscrupulously. they are destroyes mostly for being used in fire,woods and household furnitures. bangladesh is the most affected country in regard to the thoughtless distructiion of trees. 25% forest area is a must for the environmental balance of a country. but the fertile land of Bangladesh has only 16% forest area. it is now adversely affecting our nature. or the last few years,the heat and the sun both become unbearable during the summer and winter season and natural calamities have become a daily part of our life. to avoid this situation,social foresty should be taken on a large scale and trees should be planted all around where is space for them. fruits and shedy ttrees should be planted in the rainy season specially in the yard,around the ponds,besides the road and the low – lying areas. without trees and forest there should be dewsert and desolation around us. so it is the time we should say as like rabindranath,’tak away the cities,give back the forest. ’


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