Phase 3, Individual Project HIT261-1103A-06 Healthcare Legal Concepts Colorado Technical University Online Instructor Damarie Nix Sharon Gonzales July 25, 2011 OUTLINE FOR TRAINING HIPPA EDUCATION I. What is HIPAA a. Transactions b. Privacy c. Security II. What is the Purpose of HIPAA? d. Protects e. Ensures f. Governs III. What are the benefits of HIPAA? g. Privacy Notice h. Accounting of disclosure i. Recourse j. Access k. Restrictions IV. Why do you have to take HIPPA training? l. Federal laws m. State Laws V. Who should be trained? . .Everyone working with patient information o. All services with patient information VI. When should employees be trained? p. New hires q. Present employees VII. How should HIPAA education be done? a. New hires b. Present employees c. Physicians SUMMARY OF OUTLINE HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Along with state laws it covers any patient information through billing. It provides privacy and security of Protected Health Information (PHI) and strives for simplification through electronic billing.

The purpose of HIPAA is to protect people’s health information. This covers physical and technical information. Anything that could identifies a person or that can be used to find the person is Personal Health Information. (PHI) Such information includes the patients name, birthday, social security number, driver’s license, fax machine, photos, e-mail, or medical record number. HIPAA governs the uses and disclosure of that information in all phases.

Accountability means that individuals releasing such information can be discharged from their position and fined for civil offense &100 and up to $25,000. Criminal penalties can be $250. 000 and possible 10 years in jail. The benefits of HIPAA require that a Privacy notice be sent to each patient in writing that their information has been breached. A history of non-routine use must be provided to any person upon request. This allows the patient to file formal complaints against any one that has breached their information.

They can have access to their healthcare information. They will be allowed to inspect such information, make changes to, and get copies of the information. They can get a list for the past 6 years of who where their information has been sent. Last the person will have the right to restrict who uses their information in the future. The reason you have to have HIPAA training is that it is a Federal law and the way organizations are doing business with patient information. Also there are state laws that may put more restrictions on your health care information.

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In the future there will be more training as new laws and rules are established. Everyone working with or being around patient information must have this training. All health plans, clearinghouses and employees working with patient information must also have this training. Even durable medical equipment suppliers, demists, pharmacies, home health agencies, and nursing home workers must have this training to ensure there are no patient information breaches. All Allied services such as laboratory and Radiology employees are required to have this training.

Financial offices and third party administrators must also complete this training. Since HIPAA has been activated since 1996 most health care employees have already had this training. They are still required by law to have refresher courses each year to be sure everyone remembers the rules. People who are new hires should get this information during their two week orientation or within the first month of their employment. All supervisors need to schedule each employee to attend a HIPAA education in-service each year.

Also all physicians working with patient information should have an in-service possibly during lunches about the HIPAA law and Rule so they understand how they are to be allowed to use patient information. REFERANCES HIPAA Education Level One for volunteers and observers, (9/1/2009), http://www. ukhealthcare. uky. edu/volunteer/applications/HIPAAeducation. pdfREFERANCES Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) education, retrieved 7/20/2011 http://www. bayregional. org/documents/Orientation/HIPAA%20for%20beginners. pdf


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