Traditional generations.Italian clothing has definitely changed over the

Traditional Italian clothing was all a bit similar. Most of the differences were in the colors, design and material and whether or not you were rich or poor. Different attire was worn for different needs or occasions. When folk dancing happened, the women usually wore vivid embroidered skirts and bodices while the men wore clothes that had buttons,  pins and just as much attention to detail with embroidery as the women. The peasant women wore normal outfits consisting of a blouse and skirt. The male peasants wore simple shirts and pants. These daily activity worn clothes were made out of wool, and the colors were limited to black and grey.  Peasant women wore square hats or full head covering hats so they could carry baskets and other items on them. Soon after these hats started to be worn, upper class women wore these hats with artificial  fruit and flowers in them to imitate the peasants. Wealthy clothing was pretty much the same as the peasants except the materials were a lot more expensive like silk and velvet. More jewelry also tende to end up with the rich women’s outfits. The wealthier the person was, the more color they had on their clothes because they had much more access to multicolored dyes. For special events like festivals and holidays, even the peasants had flashy dresses and bodices that have been passed down from generations.Italian clothing has definitely changed over the years, but Italians still respect traditional clothing and customs of fashion from hundreds of years prior. When going to church, men usually wear suits or other shoulder and leg covering clothing. Women usually don’t wear skirts to these places either. The same goes with people visiting the Vatican. It is also expected to dress well in luxurious places, and restaurants along with formal meetings with friends and family. All of this well dressed affair is a show of respect for other people. Socks and sandals and flip flops are not accepted in the city unless it is fashionable. Also, most t-shirts dont have large pictures and logos on them unless they are fancy and not overdone. Keep this in mind if traveling to Italy is an option or thought. Italy is a very stylish country that has had their clothing and fashion transform over the last few hundred years so when it comes to clothing, they are always prepared.Throughout Italy? existence, the religion has primarily been Roman Catholic even though it has started to branch out a bit. Roman Catholicism accounts for about 91 percent of Italians. With the other 9 percent being other Christianity, Muslim and Jewish. Italy finally decided to rule out mandatory religious education in 1985, and legalized abortion in 1978 and legalized divorce in 1970. The small independent country the Vatican resides in Italy within the area of Rome. The Vatican is the home of the Catholic church and it usually where the pope usually settles. There have been 266 popes ever. In the history of Papacy, only 70 popes have not been from Italy. The churches, religious sculptures and paintings are al alluring sites that are unique to Italy? religious history and beliefs. The Vatican and Rome alone has thousands of shrines, relics, and churches from religious background. Most Italians believe in afterlife based on good souls or bad. The awful go to purgatory and sent to hell and the good souls who follow God and the laws of the church get sent up to heaven to be with God for eternity. There are many religious holidays and celebrations that happen within Italy The most well known of these holidays is Christmas. Other celebrated religious holidays include Epiphany(January 6), Easter Sunday (called Pasqua)Easter Monday (called Pasquetta) Christmas, Santo Stefano (December 26),(August 15), and the Roman Catholic specific holidays, All Saints’ Day (November 1), Feast of the Immaculate Conception, December 8), Assumption of the Virgin(August 15), according to Stefano is a holiday celebrated for the unfair death of Saint Stephens, but is usually a winding down time after Christmas. On this day, most people have a relaxing day with their families. Easter Monday is just a continuation of Easter and is celebrated like everybody else. Epiphany is the Italian version of 3 Kings Day. All in all, Italy has a lot of devout, religious, and spiritual Roman Catholics that make their country very holy.