The motion film “Tom Jones” is an adaptation of a classic 1749 novel entitles “The History of Tom Jones, originally written by an American dramatist and novelist “Henry Fielding”. Tom Jones is a British comedy film, was released in the year 1963, directed by a multi-awarded academy film director and producer, “Tony Richardson”, and was written by a famous English movie screenwriter “John Osborne”. The movies Look Back in Anger – 1958, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner – 1962, The Charge of the Light Brigade – 1969 and the 1963 movie “Tom Jones”, are all included in the wonderful collection of director Tony Richardson’s filmography.

Technically, the movie Tom Jones is a comedy film, filled with different humorous twists and turns, makes the movie more interesting and satisfyingly funny to watch. Produced during the year 1963, the movie Tom Jones by director Tony Richardson, had received positive reviews and recognition from different movie critics and fanatics. (Rotten Tomatoes) Tom Jones is a comedy movie, which is said to be a survivor of ever changing taste of the movie audiences from almost every generation.

In general, the 1963 British comedy film “Tom Jones” was a success, after garnering different noteworthy movie awards from different award giving bodies. Nevertheless, director Tony Richardson’s film Tom Jones is an academy award winner, which received four major and prestigious academy awards for – Best Picture, Best Director, Best Music Score and Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium, and had recorded six amazing nominations for different academy award categories.

As a multi-awarded movie, Tom Jones is one of the most successful and popular comedy movies, after the World War II era in 1963. (Rotten Tomatoes) Apart from a multi-talented and awarded motion film director and successful movie playwright, critic and screenwriter, the movie tom Jones was consists of a bunch of a reputable and skilled film actors and actresses. A talented and five –times academy award wining actor, “Albert Finney”, plays the lead role in the movie as “Tom Jones”, the handsome bastard bachelor, who grew up with a squire without his father and mother.

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Susanna York”, no the other hand, is a reputable movie and television actress, who plays another primary role in the film as “Sophy Western”, the true love of Tom Jones and a young lady who lives with her parents, forcing her to get married with a man he does not love. Essentially, Tom Jones is romantic comedy love story, filled different humorous scenes that is effectively funny. The movie is depiction of an extra-ordinary tale of true-love of a young bachelor and woman, which was tested by different hardship and made stronger by the time.

Served in a totally profound way and pack with a bunch of comedic acts, the movie Tom Jones is definitely one of the best comedy love story of all time. (Rotten Tomatoes) Moreover, the movie was entitled on the name of the main character in the film, “Tom Jones”. The movie is a thematic comedy, adventure and romance story, on which tells the tale a young, good looking and kind hearted man and his journey on the road of endless love. In the movie, Tom Jones is a popular handsome bachelor, who is truly in-love to a fairly beautiful woman, named “Sophy Western”.

The storyline was a depiction of a complex yet interesting and wonderful love tale of two people, which encountered various difficulties and challenges on their love life. Nonetheless, Tom Jones is a sensible movie, which reveals different shenanigans on the journey to the endless love between the two lovely couple. Although, filled with a bunch of conflicts and differences, the comedy love story movie closes in a scene full with happiness.

In the end, the comedy love story had ended happily, as Tom Jones and Sophy Western was married, after the marriage approval of the court to Tom Jones and despite of different conflicts in their love story. (Rotten Tomatoes) The movie “Dangerous Liaison” is an adaptation of play and a classic 18th century novel entitles “Les Liaison Dangereuses”, by a great French novelist and army general “Pierre Choderlos de Laclos”. The movie was released in the year 1988, directed by a multi talented director “Stephen Frears” and was written by an academy award winning British screenwriter and movie playwright “Christopher Hampton”.

The movie “Dangerous Liaison, by director Stephen Frears, is an academy multi-awarded movie, garner three major awards a year after its production for – Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Costume, Best Art Direction, and received seven different Academy Awards nomination. (IMDb. Com, Inc) The movie was a thematic love story, which reveals the true picture of ill will and desire for revenge cause by the failure with love. Apart from major movie awards, the film “dangerous Liaison had received a bunch of positive reviews from different movie critics and fans.

Moreover, the storyline of the movie is complexly complicated with different sub-stories of the major role in the movie. Nevertheless, the movie dangerous liaison is thrilling love story, which is a depiction of different personal desires. (IMDb. Com, Inc) The movie Tom Jones, on the other hand, is somewhat comparable to director Stephen Frears film “Dangerous Liaison”. Technically, the movies Tom Jones and Dangerous Liaison are both academy awarded movie, on which a depiction of extra-ordinary love story and different difficulties and challenges of love.

In addition to this, both Motion films Tom Jones and Dangerous Liaison are adaptation a great novel, which is both tale of love. Just like “dangerous Liaison”, Tom Jones is a movie with complex story of love and its journey, which has both moral and social application on its storyline. The two movies, on the other hand, vary in different aspects as far as these areas are concern. The movie “Dangerous Liaison”, technically, is a serious love story, while Tom Jones is comedy love story.

Although, these two movies are depiction of different love difficulties, Tom Jones and Dangerous Liaison vary on the degree conflicts, situation and happenings. For Tom Jones, the conflicts and problems are more light and manageable, while in the movie Dangerous Liaison, the conflicts and dilemma are serious and more critical than Tom Jones. In the end, the movies Tom Jones and Dangerous Liaison are both wonderful movies, which give a fair picture of different love difficulties and challenges. Nevertheless, it is fair enough to say these two significant movies are included to the list of all time great movies of all time.


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