Today men are payed more is because of

Today i’m gonna be explaining why  women more privileged than men Firstly. most women’s arguments is how they are staying home taking care of the children and taking care of they house while 1.9 million men  are stay at home dads JUST IN THE US yes there are more women than men that are stay at home parents but there are unfair differences as men have to work longer than women. A study in the US found that there are workplaces that have men work an hour more than women and that isn’t a rare occasion as men are also asked to come into work on weekends much more than women.Also women say men are payed more than women which is correct BUT they amount of workplace Fatalities ARE 93% Men and the reason men are payed more is because of the amount of work they are asked to work also women are paid 80 cents when men are paid 1 dollar which isn’t that big of a gap for the amount men work more than women.Another point is about how men are expected to pay for women as for example say that two people are on a first date and the man doesn’t pay the chances are that the women will not meet him again as it is expected of him to pay for they date which is not fair as women want equality.also if a women were to verbally and physically abuse a man then he would be told to man up but if the roles are switched then he is called a domestic abuser.but i am not saying that if men hit the women over and over they should not be charged but if the women does it they should also be charged and A new study by Sonja Starr,a professor at the University of Michigan found that men are given a much higher sentence than women for the same crime. women convicted of the same crimes in federal court are charged 63% less than men.also in divorce women get 60% more than men very often even though it’s the man who earned it and they should get all of it women are overall much more privileged than men in many ways .Lastly,the way women are treated are much better than men because in this society they new type of feminism tries to make it seem like men treat women like trash here are some examples of how women use these untrue facts to their advantage.1. From an early age the opposite gender will be instructed never to hit me but I may not be given the same instructions. However, should I strike males I can expect not to be hit back and any social penalties that occur from my actions will actually fall on the male. 2. If I’m not smart, but pretty, I can marry and achieve the social and financial level of my husband without ever working. 3. I can produce offspring. A status which grants me an “essential” status in our species that men can never have and which can never be taken away from me even in old age. 4. Women will seduce their bosses or hirer so they can sue them for sexual harassment 5. At any time I can abandon my parental responsibilities with little or no social stigma and hand the child over to the state or abort the pregnancy. A male could never relieve himself of this burden unless I allow him to 6 I am granted all the rights of a democracy without any of the burdens of military service. 7. At age 18 I lose the protective status of the child but retain the protective status of the female. Boys at age 18 lose the protected status of the child and become targets if they fail to gain status after that point. 8. When I marry a man with status I can take his name and become whoever he has spent years becoming. I dont do anything special to be worthy of receiving the reputation he has built. However, if I wish to keep my own name I can do so. Should my husband feel the sting of this insult I can simply call him a sexist for it. 9. People will help me more when I’m in need and I will receive no social penalty or stigma for it.11. When I’m on a date things will be paid for me.