Tobacco – smoking

Haleem smokes hugely and has been smoking for quite a long period of time-30 years. This can cause long-term damage to Haleem’s lungs and he is at great risk of developing lung cancer. Due to smoking Haleem coughs a lot this probably caused by the tar that is built up on his lungs. Haleem develops pains in his chest due to his severe coughing.

If Haleem does not stop smoking there is a great chance he will develop lung cancer, which can be very difficult to treat at such an age. Also this may cause emotional problems for Haleem: worry, stress, if he developed lung cancer. He may decide to socialise less because he may be upset a lot of the time and as a result he may want to just left alone. He may take his anger on the people most close to him in specific his family.

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Haleem’s family pesters him a lot about stop smoking and often there’s conflict between him and a family member. The conflict can lead to stress may depress and worry him and as a result Haleem may not socialise as much.

Haleem may smoke between meal times and as a result he may miss meals, which may cause a lot of physical problems specifically his diet.

Poor Diet

Haleem is severely overweight for his age – 52 years and height 5″7. His diet is extremely poor. He eats a lot of unhealthy food in specific oily/fatty- traditional foods (somosas, kebabs etc). Haleem doesn’t see his weight as a problem. Often his family try persuading him to try a healthier diet by offering to try it with him but Haleem refuses to even try.

An unhealthy diet can lead to a lot of problems, statistics show that some food of animal origin, particularly those high in fat and salt, can actually make it easier for cancer to develop and progress. Also being overweight can be really bad for your health. At first you may notice that you suffer from things like:

* Back pain

* High blood pressure

* High cholesterol

* Shortness of breath

* Sleep problems

* Snoring

* Tiredness

None of these are pleasant. Although they may not seem too serious, they can make Haleem’s life miserable. He is also more likely to suffer from more serious problems like:

* Heart disease

* Cancer

* Diabetes

* Kidney disease

* Stroke

If Haleem does not control his diet he may suffer from a lot of long-term damages, which may affect his well being as well as his health.

Lack Of Physical Exercise

Haleem doesn’t exercise at all. When his family brings up the issue of exercise Haleem quickly gets angry and refuses to do any such exercise and says it’s a complete waste of time. Because of Haleems quick anger his family decided it was best not to bring up the issue of exercise. Physical activity is important at all ages to help prevent you from becoming overweight and helping to protect you from cancer in general as well as those cancers that being overweight can promote. Statistics show that being physically active can reduce Haleems risks of certain cancers particularly pf the colon.

It is significant for Haleem to exercise to prevent long-term damage to his health; this may cause problems for Haleems well being aspects. Aspects such as Emotional problems (depression, social isolation), social problems (less socialising) and physical problems (not being able to get around easily due to weight problems).


Stress can cause a lot of problems to Haleem’s health and well-being. Stress cannot only be caused by social and physical problems. There are numerous amount of things that can cause stress for example; problems at work, discovering an illness, family issues etc. There are many risks of stress to Haleem’s health and well-being. Risks such as depression, social isolation etc.