To Whom It May Concern, As an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at the National University of Singapore, I am writing with great pleasure to recommend Mr. Zuo Rui for admission to the graduate program in your distinguished department. I came to know Mr. Zuo Rui as a hard-working and intelligent student when I was his teaching professor for “Neural Networks”.  Zuo Rui distinguished himself as one of my best students in that class, in respect of his good analytical skills to understand and interpret answers in strong logical and precise manners, while most of his peers could just replicate strategies from textbook samples.  Zuo Rui also showed good team effort and interpersonal skills in group assignments. Students were motivated to resolve problematic cases, and to develop and argue for their own views concerning the topic in question. Zuo Rui was highly proficient in applying the course material in analyzing the problem situations. He always explained his views very concisely and gave supporting arguments that were both clear and persuasive. At a personal level, he is a well disciplined, industrious student with a pleasant personality. He went well beyond the course requirements in the quantity and quality of his project, putting in a lot of extra research and hours every week. Throughout the course, Zuo Rui demonstrated great perseverance and initiative. Not only was he interested in and motivated to learn the material, but he also put great work into assimilating it to his own experience and developing his own ideas about each topic that we discussed. His overall intelligence is also reflected in his outstanding grades for the course, which were by far one of the best in the class.  Zuo Rui is a rare find. He is well-trained, ambitious, and yet very open-minded and even self-effacing. Ibelieve he will be successful wherever he ends up attending graduate school. He will be a dedicatedstudent and a competent professional. I recommend him very highly and without reservation. Sincerely yours


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