To what extent can Bill Clinton be perceived as a successful president? The George Bush Sr’s presidency changed the direction of American politics from rather conservative Reagan’s philosophy to the ideas of ‘big’ government. Young, ambitious and exceptionally intelligent following president Bill Clinton continued Bush’s beginning. He strongly believed, that government intervention into economy and provision of welfare are necessary for America in 1990s. During Clinton’s presidency in was done quite a lot in both social and economic spheres.

However, Clinton was quite inactive in terms of foreign policy and was focused primarily on domestic problems. Nevertheless, he contributed greatly to the reduction in the budget deficit and the increase in social programs. However, loud sex scandals, which took place during his presidency, damaged his reputation a lot. Thus, it was done quite a lot, but it could have been done even more. So, we can’t claim, that Clinton’s presidency was a clear success, but we cant say, that it was a complete failure either.

Being a southerner and a democrat, it was rather hard for Clinton to win 1992 lection. He succeeded primarily because he had a moderate liberal position, so he was seen as a New Democrat and appealed to the America’s middle class. Therefore, he attracted both democrat and republican voters. However, Clinton was often accused of being neither democrat nor republican. Nevertheless, this position largely helped him, as he managed to cooperate with Republican Congress and push various acts and programs though it.

Clinton electoral slogan was ‘It’s economy, stupid! ‘ so the economy was his main prerogative where he forced all his energies. His major achievement on the field of economy was new budget, which he passed through Congress by only one vote in 1993. The new budget restored the US economy through turning the federal budget deficit into a huge surplus. It also cured many America’s economic problems. The new budget resulted in significant rise in incomes and home ownership, reduced the rate of unemployment and cut the budget deficit.

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Therefore, Clinton was managed to restore the damaged economy and have a budget surplus for the first time after Nixon. Clinton wanted to ‘end the welfare as we know it’, so that it would ‘cease to be a way of life’. He promised new healthcare, terminable benefits and tax relief for the middle classes. He fulfilled the most of his promises and achieved quite a lot in terms of social programs. He managed to push the welfare act, which expanded the scheme ‘head start’ and tripled the funding for it. He also managed to triple childcare support from $4. bln to $12. 6 bln and got congressional approval for new big social program ncluding $30 bln in tax credits for higher education and $24 bln for children’s health of 1994, which was conducted by his wife Hilary Clinton, died in Congress and was the biggest failure of the entire Clinton administration. In short, it is hard to deny the fact that Clinton’s welfare reforms were highly successful, however not all his electoral promises were fulfilled. Nevertheless Clinton was a moderate liberal he still faced quite strong opposition.

An unorthodox radical republican Newt Gingrich, for instance, used dirty techniques and ttacked Clinton on issues of his personal life. Indeed, Clinton’s presidency was accompanied by sex scandals all the way through. The Whitewater and Monicagate heavily damaged the reputation of the president and resulted in republican hatred and extremism. Kenneth Starr, a republican who was in charge of investigation of those scandals barely impeached Clinton, but then was accused of perjury. Thus, nevertheless Clinton was a good policy-maker; he spoiled not only his reputation, but the reputation of Democrats even more.

Therefore, he damaged the image of his party and the entire country. So, it is hard to say that he was a fully successful president. Bill Clinton was a charismatic speaker, brilliant campaigner and a ‘balanced’ politician. He was a centrist and appealed to the ‘middle America’, which gave him both democrat and republican votes. However, he also suffered from his moderate position. Clinton was willing to please everyone, so he was often seen as neither a democrat nor a republican. He implemented a lot of welfare programs and managed o increase the standard of living in the US.

More to say, he managed to stabilize the economy, so by the end of Clinton’s presidency the economy was booming. However, his presidency was damaged by the scandals. So, he achieved much, but he could have achieved even more. Therefore, Clinton’s presidency feels unfulfilled, as it had a good start and then was spoiled by dirty sex scandals. Thus, it was done quite a lot during Clinton’s presidency, but it can’t be seen as a pure success because of spoiled president’s image after the Whitewater and the Monicagate.


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