To or as it is posited here, as

To bring this full circle back to the beginningof this piece, working with the physicality of matter through process allowsfor a change in the entire profile of what can be reconsidered emulsion in relation to film in terms ofwhat it could be and become.

Such a task acts as an example for the humancapacity for planning,observing, reflecting and action not in order toset us apart from the world, but rather as a necessity for thinking through howwe are in the world and how the world is in us. To focus on Action/process or as it is positedhere, as an “actant” is Bennett’s way of short-circuiting the cyclic binary ofsubject/object and other similar cyclic binaries. To condone such a ‘vitalityof matter’ for Bennett is important because such a focus on subjectivity”prevents us from detecting (seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling) afuller range of the nonhuman powers circulating around and within human bodies.These material powers, which can aid or destroy, enrich or disable, ennoble ordegrade us, in any case, call for our attentiveness, or even respect.”(Bennett, 2010, p.



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