To Kill a Mockingbird

At 12. 20pm on Tuesday, the 20th November 2001, pupils from years ten and eleven, including myself made their way to Theatre Gwynedd (Bangor) to watch, the Clwyd Theatr Cymru production of ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird . The theatre was packed with children from different schools. Harper Lee wrote the novel but Christopher Sergel adapted it into the play. The story was narrated by Scout – (stage name) Catrin Rhys and was about a small proportion of her childhood in Alabama. , where the play was also set .

The play was performed on a proscenium arch stage, with a slight thrust and the production was suited to this type of play as there was enough room for the actors to perform to the best of their abilities. Prevailing social conditions and racial attitudes of the time where represented on the set which also allowed smooth passage from scene to scene. The set remained the same for all scenes throughout the play with upturned crates used for seating such as in the courthouse.

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Outdoor scenes were represented by the use of plants and autumnal colours such as beiges and browns simulated sunsets. As the play was set in the nineteen thirties the period costumes accurately depicted the fashions of the time e. g. the flowing orange dress that was worn by cai-purnia. Also noticeable were the costumes worn by the richer white people; the costumes reflecting the difference in status between the whites and blacks.

However, the rather thread bear condition of the clothing worn by the middle class white people reflected the economic depression of nineteen thirties America. When people were unable to buy new clothing and had to make do with what they had. Atticus was wearing a suit and glasses; Scout was wearing blue dungarees, which indicated her tomboy character whilst Jem was wearing jeans and a shirt. There was a memorable lighting effect when light was shone onto the stage to indicate the transition from daytime to nighttime and a memorable sound effect was created

When the gun was shot at a wild dog. Guitars were used to emphasise the mood of the storyline, which the characters were trying to express, dependant on the particular situation, eg the happy situation when Cai-purnia took Scout to church. They also sang to interlock different scenes. In my opinion the majority of actors were very suited to their roles and the play was very well cast. Scout was realistic due to her accent, and childlike movements such as in her walking and in her facial expressions in the courthouse when she was waiting for the verdict on Bob Eyuel.

Atticus was realistic as a lawyer as he wore a suit and had a posh accent. In my opinion the play was excellent due to various factors; The way the actors moved, their realistic accents and their confidence on stage made a good impression upon me. Also, the way the actors sang loudly, clearly and unhesitatingly in different pitches were thoroughly enjoyable. I would recommend anybody to go and see it!