To begin, according to Coakley, social class refers to
categories of people who share an economic position in society based on their
income, wealth (savings and asses), education, occupation, and social

Meritocracy first of all is a social system in which people
have the power or status because of their abilities and intelligence, rather
than because of their wealth or social status. In other words, meritocracy is getting
a reward based on their own ability and talent. It usually applies to a more
serious amateur sports programs and clubs in which there is an emphasis on
competing for positions and rewards and moving to increasingly higher levels of

With the practice of meritocracy, it leads to social
mobility of the society.

Usually, the higher-class people would participate in much
more lavish and expensive sports, whereas the lower-class people are somehow
forced to play sports that do not require a large budget to participate. This actually
shows a reflection of class values where people of the higher classes are often
involved in sports that have more available resources and better facilities
because they are able to afford them more than the lower-class people. As such,
this can help in their ability to progress to the next level. Comparing it to
the people of the lower-class, they do not have those resources which hinder
their ability to progress and move to the next level.

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The inequality of social class in sports shows that much of
the talent of the lower-class athletes goes unnoticed and untapped and as a
result, leaving the world of sports falling short of its potential.

Meritocracy can be an unfair way to structure a society but
it is not really taken into account as external factors that affect people’s
performances. People with giftedness and ability will succeed in these
societies while those who do not will be downgraded to lower positions. 


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