To: inclusive work environment. Sincerely, Anthony-Alexander Villasmil CEO

To: Staff of ITCom

From: [email protected]

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Subject: Work Place Diversity


Dear Staff of ITCom,

Good afternoon! I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful snowy
weather as much I am. I am writing this email to inform about a new direction
the company is heading in when comes to work place diversity. Work place
diversity is having a work place which is filled with individuals with a wide
range of characteristics as well as experiences.

Having a diverse work place can benefit the company in several
different ways. Diversity in the work place improves employee performance.
Employees will feel more comfortable working in a happy environment where
inclusivity is one of the company’s main priority’s. Having a diverse work place
will allow for the talent pool of the company to grow. Diverse work place attracts
a much wider range of candidates who may be interested in working here at ItCom.
 One of the biggest issues companies come
across when expending overseas is the language and culture barrier. Diverse
work places attract people of all walks of life. This will allow different culture
and languages to be integrated into the company. Which will make it easier for
us to expand over seas in the future.

ItCom will start holding work shops that will train you on
place diversity twice a month. In these work shops the following objectives
will be covered:

To provide a clear understanding of what
diversity is and what it isn’t

To raise a greater awareness and sensitivity to Diversity
issues that go well beyond the assumed categories

To recommend behavioral tools for fostering a
more cohesive work place

Management staff attendance to these meetings mandatory as
well another work shop that will cover the following:

Different hiring strategies to make your workforce
resemble a more diverse work environment  

Teach management how to reinforce/ educate the
workforce on the business values of inclusion as well as diversity

As well as mentoring and coaching new diverse

A diverse work environment will allow
ITCom to be a more productive and friendlier work environment. I cannot wait to
see how far this company goes now that we are an inclusive work environment.


Anthony-Alexander Villasmil