To do a research paper

In choosing the topic for the research paper, there are several factors that must be considered. One is that the topic must cover an issue or field which has abundant resources so that researching can be made efficiently and effectively so that difficulties in pursuing the research will be minimized or eliminated. Identifying which topic has wide resources enables the researcher to have a better command of selecting the particular topic which fits the interest of the researcher. Although identifying a topic which has broad resources such as references can be a hefty task, it nevertheless gives the researcher a lot of space to write about.

As Barbara and John McKenna point out, “without a conceptually sound beginning, the middle and end of any process will likely remain a muddle (McKenna & McKenna, 2000, p. 53). ” Further, the problem to be considered must be as clear as possible. For instance, since the task of research is “to gather the evidence that allows one to accept or reject” the hypotheses posited, it must be the case that the researchers consider “the extent to which they specify and detail the research problem at hand (Useem, 1997, p. 14). ” In order to develop and find research for the topic using the library, the researcher should keep in mind that “the feeling that the work is merely a library exercise” should be avoided (Strandness, 1956, p. 103). Moreover, the researcher should make use of card catalogues or on-line databases or libraries whichever is accessible, more efficient, and has wider related resources.

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In considering the credibility of sources for the research, it is expected that the researcher should take note and make use of journals and other references which have underwent peer-reviews from scholars and other academic institutions. Another indicator that a source is credible is if it has been widely referenced and published by a considerable number of publications. In evaluating the research, the researcher must objectively contrast the final research with the objectives identified.

Assessing the research includes not only mere identification of the weak points of the research and improving them but also the task of evaluating if the research has faithfully and objectively followed the guidelines for academic honesty. While having a couple of other individuals assess the research in order to have an external opinion of the research, it is expected that the researcher will also consider feedbacks from these people and incorporate necessary changes to the research so as to arrive at a substantial research paper.