Titanic and Film

The movie Titanic was released on December 19, 1997 and was directed and also written by James Cameron. The cast of the movie included Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Kathy Bates and Bill Paxton. This is a great romantic film that shows that love can find you when your least expecting it and no matter what circumstances you are under. The movie is a romance story with tragedy going on all around them.

The Titanic was to be the unsinkable ship but when hundreds of passengers find themselves franticly trying to get off before this unsinkable ship sinks they come to realize that anything is possible. Before tragedy occurs Rose (who is played by Kate Winslet) and Jack (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) find themselves in a new founded love that Rose’s mother is not fond of. Rose comes from wealth and where as Jack is a pauper and wins his ticket to board the Titanic by playing a card game. Jack teaches Rose about the beauty of life and taking risks.

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A recognizable message can be seen in the movie Titanic as the people on the ship had about three hours to contemplate their demise. The film shows various reactions to this time of crisis in people’s lives. Everyone reacts differently in a crisis and the director of the film is getting you to think about how you would have reacted had you been in that situation on the Titanic on that night. The Titanic’s love story is similar to the love story in Aladdin. Although Aladdin is a Disney movie the story of love between a rich girl and a poor boy is similar.

Aladdin is a street rat who accidentally meets princess Jasmine and like Jack teaches Rose in the Titanic about the beauty of life and taking risks Aladdin does the same for princess Jasmine. The Titanic was a very big award winning film. In 1998 this film won over forty awards that it was nominated for. The film won the Oscar award for best director, best music, best picture, and Kate Winslet won best actress in a leading part just to mention a few. This film received great reviews from hundreds and still today this film is highly talked about.

James Cameron made a film that people didn’t think was possible by recreating a completely believable Titanic. The sinking scenes were horrific just like they were that night. The film had so many memorable scenes. Titanic leaving port in Southampton. Rose and Jack at the bow, felling like they were flying. When they hit the iceberg. The screams of doomed after she went down. And the ending was so dramatic it even made grown men shed some tears. I really can’t say that they had a lot of weakness to this film.

A lot of people were surprised at DiCaprio’s role in the film. It wasn’t a typical part that he would play but he played the part and he played it well. DiCaprio usually plays more of a villain’s role in most of his movies but in this film he played the heroic hero. Especially when it came to Rose. This is a film that people will always remember and will be talked about forever. The story on which the film was made from is an incredible story and like I had said earlier James Cameron did an excellent job bringing this film to life.