Tipped jsTipped js is used to create the tooltip. It use the javascript solutions to create a tooltip and this will work and this will work in each and every browser and on any deviceTipped js comes with the so many features like.1.Display anything2.Beautiful Skins3.Different Sizes4.

Perfect Positioning5.Options6.Event Delegation How to create a TooltipFirstly you have to include or inport the jquery or you can include jquery cdn in your header which is given below1 and then include the tipped js you can download it form the tiipped js website. just like below you can include it1 Creating tool tipTipped.create is method used to create the tooltip123                $(document).ready(function() {  Tipped.create(‘#tooltip’, ‘Some text’);}); you can also give your string in your tag if the string is not given in the argument just like code given below you pass your string tipped automatically look for that12345678                I have a tooltipI also have a tooltip! Thesea are the methods you can use it for making the tooltip using tipped js but its has some more features which are given belowOptions there are so many options given in the tipped js like you can backgound color of tooltip look down for the code of this123456789                RedGreenBlue With this tipped js you can make a ajax tool tip just follow the given code below123456789101112131415161718                hello word