Time managementPROBLEM:As we consdider the time issue some time in university mostly students pick up the 18 credit hours or 19 then within the time period of semester system it is some time hard to manage them all equally because every course have its own plat form so it needs alot of time to make all of them perfect though every course have assignment quizez presentation group discussion these all scenarios puzzle you some time so these are the problems regarding the time management in my point of viewDebtPROBLEM:so as a student the problem of debt is more then any other isssues while some of the students belong to a middle class family so when they go for study in any other city where they have no home then they have to pay rents for accomodation meal bills transportation and university fee party tickets group celebration money it looks like a hard to afford all in same time then they get deprresed some time which put a bad impact on study so they have to do some time part timr job to full fill the demands which disturb their study But at the end they have to do this.DepressionAny how every issue of student push him towards depression as every issue mentioned in this report thats lead the student at the end in a deprssion he get tense of his issue on daily bases then he start thinking about these all and this thinking increased day by day slowly and steady then afterward the result of all this things lead to a word named “Depression” for student.Social problemsAs in a student life when you go to university you met with new people in hostel room mates classmates other people in a uni then social area becomes huge that demands a time that you have to give them some time conflicts happen between you people you have to solve those you have to go out for chill some time then you couldn’t manage all the time equally for everything these all cases relates to social problems.Sickness / health confitionwhile in a student life when you eat from outside daily and also lack of sleep less care of health living in a small rooms daily these issue made you sick some time and yout health fell down then it disturbs your study routine though these are the flaws happen with student some time.Lack of sleepAs in this problem we have discussed about many courses and when teacher gives you home assignment on daily bases and sessional and finals then you have to work hard while late at night to cover all that and also you have to maintain other routines too so due to this lack of sleep and getting up early it puts   damaging effect on your health so sleep is important on time and proper time.Eating problemThis is also a major issue as to balance your diet and health you have to eat healthy items to maintain yout health and for good study and good results and grades so when students don’t care about eating items and eat a unbalance diet food which creates a problem for him .Relation ship problemsWhen therr is a conflict in a realtion ship this will create a bad impact on you you become depressed worried and tense you couldn’t able to carry on your daily routine so for good time and relax moments you need to solve these problems as soon as possile not to be view.Class skipping As a regular student you take admission in Good institute to learn regularly on daily bases so when you start skipping classes due to unknown reason then it is not good because you will miss the many important things from your professor you are wasting the money which you have paid though if you skipp the class due to some major problems that will be okay but also you have to know about the lecture and read it discuss with yout professor in his free time.LOAN/BORROW MONEYWhile during some time students take loan or borrow money don’t do it blindly read all the terms and conditions properly and from a registered bank and any other office and never take as like you couldn’t able to return and in the end create a problems for discuss it with your close one’s and make a plan then do it other wise never.Reducing feelings of home sicknessAs when you left the home and mission is to go for study then be deermined feelings of home will stop you but you have to be motivated you have to determined look for the goals in your life make friends participate in social activities sports get your self busy in these activities then you will be a perfect guy who can able to achieve his goals his dreams.