Throughout my years as a
law student, what truly fascinated me was not what the laws on a particular
subject were, but rather, what “law” was. In fact, I was captivated by questions such as what makes law a normative
force in the lives of those who are subject to it, as well as law’s complex
relation with the notion of morality.

quest to answer these questions about legal philosophy
was triggered during the pursuit of my first law degree at McGill University. The
curriculum—which guided students to approach law as an academic discipline beyond
its practical applications—inspired me to explore historical,
philosophical, and critical approaches to law and legal education.

my time as a master’s student in France—in a legal theory programme—I engaged even
more deeply in this field. I studied various forms of legal argumentation and
leveraged the philosophy of language to help answer questions
about the philosophy of law. In
fact, from the
approach of methodological positivism, my dissertation focused on the discourse
of the Supreme Court of Canada on the notion of ‘legal principles’,
highlighting how they were used as argumentative resources to determine the
outcomes of cases.

keen interest in legal philosophy is the prime motivation behind my application
to Oxford’s B.C.L. course. Indeed, I believe that Oxford—as the world leader in
legal philosophy—would provide me with an
unparalleled opportunity to learn from renowned and passionate scholars who are
experts in the fields that most fascinate me.

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graduate studies as well as my research experience have taught me the
importance of self-discipline, commitment, and hard work in academia, which
will, I believe, help me achieve my goal of
researching and teaching at the university level. MP1 In France, in
particular, I graduated two years in a
row with first-class honours. I am proud to have maintained this high academic
standing while working part-time as a research assistant, participating in a
legal clinic, and being involved in a research group in sociology and family law.

In 2017, I embarked on a path toward my doctoral
studies in legal and constitutional theory, and I remained dedicated to my
academic goals as I achieved a cumulative 4.0 GPA MP2 and was awarded two doctoral fellowships (from
the two most important research agencies in Canada and Quebec).

represents an environment of philosophical transformation, of intellectual
rigour, and of creativity. I am confident that the opportunities offered by the B.C.L. course
will not only help me refine my knowledge and widen my perspective as a
doctoral student; they will also help me excel as both a scholar and as a law
professor. I aim to eagerly engage even more in depth in this discipline by taking
part in the Jurisprudence and Political Theory or Constitutional Theory courses
or by participating in the Jurisprudence
Discussion Group. I would be honoured to join Oxford’s vibrant intellectual
community in September 2018.

 MP1Penser à meilleure transition.



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