Three is a novel write by Ted Dekker. Dekker good at write mystery novel, like Three and obsessed. Three Is a book talk about MPD, Multiple Personality Disorder, Is a mental disorder that let people have two or more than two unique personality In one body. The leading character of the novel named Kevin. Unfortunately, he has this mental disorder. At the beginning of the stroy, Kevin drove in his car by himself and got a phone call from Slater. Slater need Kevin answer a riddle: What falls but doesn’t break and breaks but never falls? ( quote from chapter one).

If Kevin can’t tell te answer. Slater will Blow up the car and kill Kevin. The answer of riddle is Night and Day. The relationship of day and night is opposite. It signify the relationship of Kevin’s good personality and his evil personality. In face, when Kevin talked to Slater, he is talking to himself. Kevin has bad childhood. He has lost both his parents when he was a kid, so he lived with his aunt. His aunt is very manipulative. She maltreated little Kevin and don’t let he hang out. He don’t have triend and so lonely. every day living in helplessness and sufferings.

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He needs a friend, so he Imaged Sam, a friend for his lonely hearts. (paraphrase). That is the reason why Kevin has MPD. After Kevin Imaged Sam, he has the other personality call Slater. Slater Is evil from Kevin. There have a lot of foreshadowing and hint Indicate Kevin has MPD. Kevin have three personality: Sam, the personality of Kevin’s conscience. Slater, The personality of. Kevin’s evil. Last one is Kevin himself, the poor soul between good and evil (summary), His MPD is cause by his unhappy childhood. In the end his chose to be a good Kevin. a Kevin without Multiple Personality Disorder and evil.