This days we can see clearly what is happening in our environment how the
Mother Nature slowly killing. Ruination are everywhere Water, Air and even land
pollution. we have no escapes. So a students we need to some things about that
even in our smallest ways. Due to that, researchers came up with an idea of
making an Organic Pesticides to somehow lessen our environmental problem, we
are about to investigate the organic or homemade pesticides. We all know, that
our Ozone layer is getting thinner and thinner every time because of
the chemicals we use daily. Now, to lessen the problem in our Ozone
layer, We are going to study a natural or organic pesticides. in that case we
are not only protect the preserving of our environment but also we are also
pretty sure that our plants is healthy too, So here is our study we well give
you an overview on it, so first what is organic? Organic is defined as
any substance containing the element carbon. Carbon is present in all living
matter, so, simply put, organic substances are derived from living matter. In
horticultural terms, organic is defined as a method of growing or
maintaining ornamental or food plants (ornamental or food) without the aid or
application of (human-made) synthetic chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides,
hormones, etc.). Organic pesticides are made from naturally occurring
ingredients. Non-organic pesticides are created synthetically. Organic
pesticides are used by professional flower and vegetable garden businesses that
want or want to keep their organic certification and by home gardeners who want
a natural alternative to non-organic pesticides. and the organic pesticides
design to to kill or retard the growth of  pests
that damageor interfere with the growth of our
plants. This is the best substitute to synthetic insecticides
that can harm our planet. A synthetic insecticide
can contain poisons and toxins that are not found in a natural insecticide.
These can be harmful to living things other than the insects they were
intended for. Synthetic chemical pesticides often contain ingredients that
kill beneficial pesticides like aphid predator.. A pesticides will probably
leave beneficial pests safe. Organic gardening is accomplished by avoiding
the use of laboratory-made fertilizers, growth substances, antibiotics,
or  pesticides.
This means using nature’s tools to grow your plants, fruits, and vegetables.
It’s a way of being kinder to the earth. Using pesticides is
a part of that process and has grown in popularity. If done properly, it
costs less. If you learn to grown or produce your own pesticides,  system by not putting man-made
chemicals into the dirt and air. You can help reduce the negative effect
on the ozone layer by doing your part to help nature. there are many
alternatives that you can use in making pesticides in our group we decided to
use onion and bell pepper to make our organic pesticides, What you need
are Spray bottles, onion, bell pepper and a blender, yes as easy as that.and it
is cheaper than the synthetic ones.



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