This documentary aims to explain the disastrous, deadly events that followed Hurricane Katrina and how the government failed to respond appropriately to the necessities of the citizens of New Orleans and other affected areas. This relates to the concept in federalism in that there was a clear disconnect between the federal, state, and local governments, specifically in terms of the preparation and management of relief efforts. 2) There should have been an increase in the amount of designated shelters, along with more food, water, generators, and medical supplies within these buildings. There should have been more backup methods of communication between local authorities, relief shelters, and federal government officials. The government should have anticipated that there would be thousands of citizens unable to evacuate, considering the fact that poverty levels were so high in the area. The federal government should have provided the state with buses for evacuation immediately, if not beforehand. The fact that there were approximately 30,000 evacuees inside the Superdome without these basic necessities is shocking and heartbreaking. I can’t even wrap my mind around the thought of being without food, water, power, or proper plumbing along with thousands of other people. It really is unimaginable how unprepared our governments were for this disaster, both state and federal.3) The state and local governments failed to give specific requests to the federal government in terms of what sort of relief was needed. Local governments failed to distribute aid to the affected areas and the mayor of New Orleans was accused of delaying federal government relief efforts. Local governments relied too heavily on the belief that the federal government can and would do everything. The federal government, on the other hand, was not as prepared as they claimed they would be and they were too slow to respond to the needs of the people. Local authorities expressed that they were being told that relief was on the way, but it simply would not get there. Between the two, there should have been more communication and more provisions made in advance. They should have had plans on how to get the relief into New Orleans, which would have involved perfect cooperation between federal and local officials.4) The media broadcasted the failures of the local and federal governments. It showed people sick, without food and water, desperate and on the verge of death. These things pushed the federal government to act and the local governments to cooperate with the federal government. On the other hand, the media later attributed the government’s slow response during the aftermath of the hurricane to the fact that the majority of those in shelters were black. They believed that racial discrimination had an effect on the distribution of relief.   5) I have a few suggestions:To the federal government, I would suggest being over-prepared for storms rather than under-prepared. They should gather supplies and coordinate efforts before a disaster strikes. They should be prepared for if a local government is incapable of carrying out relief efforts. To the federal government, I would suggest to act quickly if a community expresses that they are in need of relief.


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