This class has made me really think outside the box and has
been interesting to learn all the different religions around the world and
their beliefs throughout the textbook and the lecture notes. After reading
about Islam and Sikhism I have come to the conclusion, that Sikhism is
different from Islam. The people in Sikhism follow Ik Onkar who is one creator
that is accessible in all of creation. To these people God is formless and
intersexual. Their “God,” isn’t a highly personal God whom whoever chooses to
follow it the person can have a passionate relationship, but an indistinct
force hiding all creation.  On the other
hand, Muslims have the same faith in God that are admired by the Christians and
Jews. Islam’s God is known as Allah. Their perception of Allah poses a very
personal God who is supreme but unbelievably merciful.

information that I have gathered in the textbook is in Christianity about the New
Testament which has a total of twenty-seven books and is divided into four
parts. The parts are Gospels, the Acts of the Apostles, the Epistles and
Revelation. Gospels characterize the life and teachings of Jesus. The Act of
Apostles expresses the institutional spread of Christianity even though its
historical certainty can’t be confirmed. Epistles are letters to early
Christians that were mostly written by Paul who was an evangelist and a follower
of the New Testament. In the end, the New Testament is topped off with
Revelation (visionary book), which is predicted in symbolic language the
triumph of Christianity.  

            Something I
have been surprised about in Hinduism about their view on time and how they
believe a circular rather than a linear concept of time. They said it is separated
into four sections, which are the golden age of innocence, Tretha yoga, Dwapara
yoga and finally Kali yoga. The religion that looks intriguing and that I think
will last for the next 100 years is Hinduism but I think no religion can last
for a long period of time especially without conflict. Hinduism is intriguing
because of their population and at no time they were forced upon anyone through
war but will be a conflict in the future due to the increasing of immigration
throughout the world and receiving success in all sections. As they spread they
obviously take their values and beliefs with them and will share it to other

            My overall
assessment of this class for myself was very enjoyable. I enjoyed the reading
and texts of a religions past and what a religion will do to keep their
traditions and beliefs alive. The forums were interesting to see my other classmates’
opinions on certain religions and made me think if I agreed or disagreed with
their responses to the questions being asked. The   religion
that bests answers the deepest questions on life if God really cares about us in
Christianity. It has always been a mystery on who God is and if is able to love
everyone around the world like nobody else?

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            After reading
about so many different religions I think that Judaism is the place of religion
in our world because the Ten Commandments were established and handed down from
God to Moses. I think the Ten Commandments definitely helped our country and
the rest of the world establish a set of laws that their people should abide
to. The connection between religion and spirituality can be a tricky aspect. In
my perspective I think there is always a constant exchange and growth in a
persons’ spirit and that someone’s energetic Spirit can’t be enclose inside any
unassertive religious system. Overall, my understanding of religion has definitely
increased since the beginning of the class and interested to see if religion
will play a factor in my life at some point in my future.                  


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