This is a continuous annihilation and recreation. However,
in Sadra’s view the annihilation is not a pure and not posterior to recreation
either, rather it is a creation upon creation, to quote himself, it is dressing
upon dressing (Sadra and Dehsbashi, 2011). Therefore, Sadra’s ontology
lies in the realms of Being, realm of unity, and becoming, realm of
multiplicity, in the later one motion and time constitute two of its
fundamental dimensions (Kamal, 2006). According to the theory of
trans-substantial motion, changes in the realm of multiplicity occurring
gradually in the form and essence. Everything in the sensible world has a
momentary existence, precedent for its non-being, which
is, soon or late, transforms to a new level of existence. This perpetual
process of evolution needs a continuous effusion of Divine essence.

This process of perpetual becoming, volatile and ongoing
existence can be described as a motion towards perfection. The realm of
multiplicity is the realm of potentiality and imperfection, which needs a
horizontal ascending towards Absolute Being and perfection. Mulla Sadra uses
the Sufi term of love as a driving force behind this gradual movement. This ongoing
transition occurring intertwined with time, as a dimension of existence, there
is no a container outside of existence known as time, it is a part of beings.  (Mulla Sadra
1999/vol.3: 110-147).   


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