Thinking about the section 1 romeo and Juliet 1.No,because I don’t want that drama so I wouldn’t pursue a relationship.2a. I know they’ve lived there lives in two house holds that don’t like each other and never knew that they would ever would fall in love with each other.2b.They are similar in there love for one another and their determination to stay together they are different cause Juliets love is pure.3a.The information presented in the prologue is that there are 2 households both alike in dignity and they have a ancient grudge and it’s still present.3b.She says that she loves her enemy which the hate was brought on from the past4.They are dramatic foils for romeo they think he still loves rosaline.5a.Their families don’t like each other Paris wants Juliet remos prophetic dreams and Shakespeare said starcrossed lovers which means there doomed5b.They make it know they will fight for there love 6.To an extent Shakespeare used hunting language like conquer mean remo thought of Rosaline as a target and make it seem like romeo in in love with the thought of love.Think about the selection act 21a.In his mind yes because he thinks it will unite the two families1b.nobody to discuss with2a.act2 scene 2 on the balcony2b.The darkness provides privacy3a.He thinks that romeo is jumping into things too quickly just like he did with Rosaline3b. He agrees cause he thinks he can bring the families and thinks he will be the town hero 4a.She waits for romeos return4b.She is anxious and antsy wishing the nurse was in love so she could understand her feelings5.Its a prime example of forbidden loveThinking about the selection act31.Juliet tell Paris and her parents she’s married.Romeo get out of Verona before he’s killed send for Juliet once he gets his life together2a-2c can’t do 3a.Romeo kills tybalt because he killed mercutio and he killed him in a duel he was pierced the the chest3b.He wasn’t able to avoid fate of killing his enemy when he before tried to avoid conflict4a.She was devastated because she probably couldn’t see romeo after he’s banished and also angry cause romeo killed her cousin4b.Both Romeo and Juliet are upset cause he is banished and cant see each other.5.His death could have been avoided if the Capulet and Montague approved romeo and juliets love.Think about the selection act 4 1a.For me I believe they shouldn’t follow friars advice cause if not for him they never would have one here to discuss2a.He says to marry Paris then drink a sleeping potion2b.She thinks romeo has know know friar for a long time3a.1.she thinks the portion won’t work. 2.she’s afraid it’ll work too well 3.she’s afraid romeo won’t come.3b.She reveals its the first time she’s thought about her actions and the consequences and is serious about suicide if the potion doesn’t work4a.I think its foolish be cause she drank it hoping romeo would come save her 4b.Well in my opinion she went from skeptical and sarcastic to a love crazed nutjob  Think about the selection act 51.Not surprised but had a gutt feeling they never ran away together2a.Cause he lost control of his anger which he consistent at 2b.Its consistent cause he always bursts in anger or gets overcome with anger3a.1.frairs letter to romeo 2.Romeo kills Paris 3.frair didn’t arrive to Capulets monument in time3b.Cause the prologue foreshadowed the ending4a.The families stop hating each other and realized that there kids deaths were there faults4b.They needed the death of their kids to realize there fighting was unnecessary4c.I don’t think its fair you kids shouldn’t have to die because the parents petty reasons to hate and keep them away from each other


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