In our lives, we see things that are not always what we think they are. Just because we believe something to be true, does not necessarily mean it is. Just because we do not believe something, does not mean that it is not true. For example some products and advertisements make promises that we seem to fall for, especially on television. Some good examples would be Proactiv Acne Solutions, and Fast Food restaurants. Proactiv claims to be “The Answer” for acne that works for everybody regardless of your age, skin type or severity of your acne.

Proactiv claims to be different because it prevents future breakouts before they even surface on your skin, while other products only concentrate on getting rid of existing acne. My experience with Proactive was misleading. There are a couple of reasons why I thought Proactive was misleading. One was their price on television, Proactiv said when you order today, you get free shipping, three free gifts and your money back guaranteed for only nineteen ninety-five. As I started to figure out my skin was too sensitive to Proactiv, I called and explained to them that I wanted to send my set back and get the extra strong set.

The extra strong set still didn’t work with my skin. I called them back a second time to cancel my account, and six months later their billing me for thirty-one dollars. I called Proactiv and they told me that I owe them money and that I never cancelled my account. They have very bad customer service. The next week I got two letters in the mail from them apologizing to me for their mistakes and for all the inconvenience. Till this day I still haven’t received my money back from Proactiv.

Another reason why Proactiv’s misleading is because they hire all sorts of celebrities to do their commercials to convince the customers to buy their products. Don’t get me wrong when I saw Katy Perry doing a commercial for Proactiv, I told myself I had to try it, but when I bought it I gave it a chance for about a week and my face was getting worse. I realized Proactiv just wasn’t the product for me. I also interviewed my neighbor about Proactiv because she uses it on a daily basis. I had asked her if it was at all misleading to her. She exclaimed to me that the first month of using it, it will make you break out.

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You have to use it every night and every morning or else it will not work correctly. If you keep a routine going every day, your acne will start disappearing. I then looked at her face and it was really clear. I was surprised. She exclaimed to me that she wasn’t happy with the results in the beginning, and it took time to get use to it. Now she loves it. Another example of a misleading advertisement is fast food joints. Have you ever went to a fast food joint and ordered it to go, than as you got home you were disappointed? My friend was craving one of those Big Macs from McDonalds one afternoon, only because she saw a huge billboard of one.

The lettuce looked crispy, the sauce was perfectly spread, and the burgers looked fulfilling. My friend got home and, to her amazement, the burger was not even close to par. Lettuce was scattered, burgers were dry, and the spread was not even there! There is a lack of proper advertising in every community. However, if you were to take your burger back to the McDonalds, I am sure you would receive better than what you had ordered. Each fast food restaurant has a goal of preparing food in a certain amount of time, so that drive-thru guests can enjoy a good meal at a fast pace.

Last week my husband and I had thirty minute breaks from work at the same time of day. We met up within a minute or two and carpooled to the local Carl’s Jr. Fast Food restaurant. There is roughly twenty minutes for us to both get back to work, so we need to be haste. Needless to say, Carl’s Jr. was not on the same page. It took us sixteen minutes to receive our food from the drive-thru. I was late clocking in from my break, and my husband was even more so. When I see a commercial for a highly recognized fast-food chain, each individual (I presume) is expecting that chain to basically reiterate what the commercial entails.

It is a mass of stress no one needs, going back to work after a terrible break. Misleading products and advertisements can be really inconvenient to the customers. Big companies or corporations like Proactiv, Mc. Donald’s, and Carl’s Jr. might have great advertisement and great commercials, but as tempting as that product or that hamburger might look, you must wonder how its going to taste, or even going to work. Even though your burger will not look like the picture on the window of the restaurant, some how you keep coming back for more.


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