They say the most
wonderful thing that will happen in a woman’s lifetime is falling in love. She
gets exalted when she becomes the apple of the eye most especially to the
person she cares about. Nevertheless, not all women turned “gaga” when she is
in love. Some women still keep their senses intact; they think about the affection
their man showered them. They don’t fail to consider the attitude their man is
showing. In addition, they are trying to take into consideration their man’s
intention as well.

A man who is truly in
love acts differently from the man who is just enjoying the spur of the moment’s
passion affair. Most of the time, this adoration starts from the first time he
laid eyes on you and ends on that particular where he is ready to lay down his
life for you. His feelings for you are undeniably apparent, no doubt about

In this article you
will find a list of signs that a man is falling in love with his woman, please
read on.

#1. Never hesitate
to text or call you back right away

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People who are
deeply in love maintain a constant line of communication. This means, watch out
your man’s text/call habit. When replies to your texts/calls are lightning fast,
no doubt he is deeply enamored with you. It only shows that he persistently waits
for your texts/calls just to hear your voice.  

#2. Offers to lend a
hand with household chores

It may seem
unbelievable, but if your man really loves you he never will permit you to be wary
even on menial things like household chores; thus take the responsibility from
you. He doesn’t mind what the world thinks. All that matters to him is you and
your relationship

#3. He offers you a
royal treatment

Embarrassing as it
may be, but your man will serve you as if he is your servant. He will always
lead the way and open any door for you. He will never even let you carry
anything except yourself. A real Don Quixote!

#4. Love you
including your flaws

When a man truly
loves a woman, he accepts anything about you, your past, your flaws, and even
your tantrums. That is because his love is pure and unconditional.

#5. Hate it when you
leave your nest

If your man hates it
when you leave your love nest, it’s not because he wants more sex with you. It
is because he wants the intimacy you shared together and he doesn’t want that
to end. That’s love.

#6. He takes pride
in everything you do

Whatever you do,
whatever you achieve he is always there to share your success because he is
very proud of you, He will never get embarrassed to shout to the whole world “My
girl is an achiever.”

#7. He always makes

Even without occasion,
he constantly surprises you with sweet nothings, a love note on your desk,
breakfast served on your bed, flowers, etc. A perfect ideal man!

#8. He is very

Whatever crazy and
inconceivable thought or dream you have, still he is there to support and
encourage you. No matter how unattainable your dreams might be, he will never
discourage you. He considers your dreams as his very own dream; thus, he is
ever prepared to lay down his life for you.

#9. He is willing to
do peculiar things just to see you smile

A man who is deeply
in love with you desires your happiness. He wants to see you smiling all the
time; thus, doing peculiar things wouldn’t matter at all.

#10. Honor your

No matter how
successful he is, he is there listening to you and respect your counsel. He
will never go against your wish. Such a lovely man to have and behold!


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