There are many environmental issues in North  Carolina. The issues range from deforestation to fracking. One issue that is affecting humans directly is the quick and sudden loss of bees. Everywhere across the United States the bees are quickly dying off. Even in North Carolina there are large amounts of bees that are dying everyday. We may not realize it but we as humans are the reason for the decreasing population of bees.( no bees no food   )Bees are important to are environment, they provide pollination to ninety percent of our crops.(no bees no food  )  There are many reason that bees are dying such as global warming, habitat loss and parasites.(epa   ) The main reason bees are dying is because of the use of agricultural chemicals. The type of chemical being used is neonicotinoids. Neonicotinoids are insecticides that are sprayed on to the plants that bees “eat” or pollinate. These chemicals are harmful to the bees body, and they end up killing the bee. The loss of bees is increasing every year, and this is not good for North Carolina. ( No bees no food   )Bees pollinate a large amount of our crops, and if all the bees die then are plants will no longer be pollinated. We need bees in the environment they help to keep us alive. On average we are losing about 30 percent of honeybee colonies each winter. This all started when there was a colony collapse disorder of the honeybees.(   )  A colony collapse disorder is a sudden occurence that takes place when a majority of the worker bees in a colony disappear and leave behind a queen, plenty of food and a few nurse bees to care for the remaining immature bees and the queen. There are many theories to as why the bee population is decreasing. One of the theories involves the invasive varroa mite, which is a pest of honeybees. Many believe this could be one reason to as why bees are dying. Another theory is the emergence and new and unpredictable viruses and diseases. This is believed to be killing off small portions of the honeybee population. Another theory is pesticides that are being sprayed onto the plants that bees pollinate or “eat”. When a honeybee comes in contact with the chemicals in the pesticides it is killing them and many bees are dying which is decreasing the population. Once again, another theory is that the honey bees are becoming stressed. They are becoming stressed because of the changing environment and the loss of their habitats. When a bee is over working and becoming stressed they tend to die. One more theory to the reason bees are dying is poor nutrition. The bees are able to maintain a good health because they are not able to pollinate or “eat” many plants, because a lot of them have the insecticides or pesticides that kill them. We do not really have a clear answer as to why the bees are dying.(    ) We are trying to prevent it, but what measures are being taken to prevent it? As of right now the USDA which is the U.S. Department of Agriculture is currently reviewing the CCD which is the Colony Collapse Disorder. Another government agency that is involved in the Colony Collapse Disorder prevention program is the EPA. The EPA is the Environmental Protection Agency(   ) . Some of the strategies that scientists are using to figure out a way to stop the extinction of bees are surveys, data collections, sample analysis, different forms of research and mitigative. The more common strategy is the data collections and surveys. Unfortunately, these surveys or data collections can be flawed and do not always provide accurate result. They are currently working on new test, data collections and surveys to see if they can find accurate results. In order to generate these tests and vary their results they need more people to help out and participate. Some examples of government agencies that may be a help to this research are NASS which is the  National Agricultural Statistics Service , and APHIS which is the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.(  ) Another strategy being used is the analysis of bee samples. Sample Analysis is the process of examining a bees body. They can find many things out with this process such as the amount of pathogens in the bee. Another thing they can find out is the bees exposure to different kinds of pesticides. They can also determine if a bee was stressed at the time of their death. A major strategy that is very useful is research. Research helps you increase fundamental knowledge. If you have researched a topic very well, you are more likely to determine unknown information. Lastly, another strategy that is being used, but has not been completely perfected is mitigative which means “to lessen”.(   ) Since this strategy has been reviewed properly yet they have set goals they want to achieve with this strategy. The first goal is the development of a management practice for  honeybees. The next goal is to develop a method that promotes resistance to parasites and pathogens. These strategies are all efficient, however some work better than others. Overall, they are working on developing a program that focuses on the protection of bees.(  ) There are many different opinions on whether or not bees play a major role in the habitat. Some may believe that we could survive without our crops being pollinated. However, I believe that if the bees were to die so would the entire human population.Honey bees play a huge role in our environment. They pollinate ninety percent of our crops. Everything that a bee pollinates we will most likely eat. Our food has to be pollinated in order for us to eat it. So if bees are not around for much longer no one will be able to pollinate our crops. If bees eventually die off then what would humans do? How would they survive if they did not have food. Even though bees are tiny insects they have a huge job and we rely on them to keep us living. We need to work together to keep the bees alive, to keep them thriving, not only in North Carolina but all over the world.


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