There are two fundamental mistakes that mangers make when attempting to improve a process for the organization or company:

1.      “To treat as a special cause any fault, complaint, mistake, breakdown, accident, or shortage when it actually is due to common causes” (Evans & Lindsay, 2016, p. 74).

2.      “To attribute to common causes any fault complaint, mistake, breakdown, accident, or shortage when it actually is due to a special cause” (Evans & Lindsay, 2016, p. 74).

For the first fundamental mistake, manager or management can be miss react or miss mange for the specific problem, where the problem might be not important or needed of the special treatment. In this case, variation in the system will increase and will make an increment of the cost in the system.

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For the second fundamental mistake, managers or management searches for the major or special problem in the system where it might be not a major problem, it can be the minor problem in the system which could be solved by the quick way. If manages and management are searching for the only major problem in the system then, it will affect the cost and duration of the production in the organization or company. 

By observing these two fundamental factors in the system, I had such a similler experience in the last month at Marshall Recreation Centre, Huntington, WV where I am working as part time fitness attendant.  In the last month, I was working in the afternoon shift and we were out of the gym wipes in the canter while actually, we were not out of the gym wipes. It was the miss arrangement of the gym wipes in the closet. At that time, manger had to make an immediate order for the gym wipes with the extra cost of overnight courier service. Two days after, they found two boxes of the gym wipes, which were in the other closet. From this incident, I learnt that we have to find the correct cause in the system then, we have to search for the solution for that specific problem.


Question 2: Whose philosophy-Deming, Juran, or Crosby-resonates most with your thinking and experience? Explain why.


            Compare to all three leaders, I think the philosophy of Deming is the more relevant as the quality revolution in the workplace. Nowadays, consumers are searching for the better quality and low price of the product. In addition to that, all organization and company are improving their quality of their products to stands on top of the running market. As I had experienced as sales engineering in 2015, customers are expecting a better quality of the product and low price. With the improvement in the quality, any company can reduce their price of the product.

            As per the Deming philosophy, the focus of the continuous improvement of the quality of the product can reduce the price of the product as the low manufacturing cost, service and low redesigning (Evans & Lindsay, 2016, p 52). If, any company is focusing on the quality of the product then, they will be able to find lower cost, use of time management and materials. With the improvement of quality, the company should able to improve their productivity and they will stand on the better stage for their quality and lower price which will increase their business. In addition to that, the same company will able to provide more employment in the market which will reduce the unemployment in the nation.   


Question 3: Based on this description tour of Nashville Guitar Company (NCG), can you identify how the operations and quality practices reflect Deming’s 14 points?


            Nashville Guitar Company (NGC) is the small-scale guitar manufacturing company which make less than 800 instruments in a year. NGC is preferred for the low volume and high quality-based instruments. In addition to that, the steps for the production of guitar in NCG is reflecting the Deming’s 14 points for the operation and quality practices. Deming’s 14 points based the description of the Nashville Guitar Company are as below:

1.      Create and publish a statement of purpose:  Craving for the making of guitar

2.      Learn the New Philosophy: Craftsmen who known as luthier are desire to ensure their personal care quality and attention to the instruments

3.      Understand the purpose of an inspection: The guitar can not forward to the next station till the luthier or any senior luthier are not satisfied with quality requirements.

4.      End the practice of awarding business on the basis of price tag alone: NCG selects the highest quality of wood for the guitar and to ensure the quality of the guitar they finished body with the 12 layers which show that NCG does not compromise with the quality of the guitar.  

5.      Improve constantly and forever the system of production and service: NCG allows to the luthier to learn outside courses and encourage them to make a new instrument with their personal idea for their personal use which improves the production of the guitar.

6.      Institute training: NCG encourages their employee to build an innovative guitar with the new ideas and design. In addition to that, the luthier is allowed to take outside tanning for the guitar.

7.      Teach and Institute Leadership: NCG encourage their luthier to start their own business. NCG does not have any obligation on these activities.

8.      Drive Out Fear and Innovate: NCG uses the CNC machines for the small parts of the guitar and they have a small number of staff which is easy to manage.   

9.      Optimize the Efforts of Team and Staff: NCG has six different section with the stall of 14 luthier where the guitar is assembled from section to section after being verified.

10.  Eliminate Exhortations: NCG is a well-designed system which produces less than 800 instruments in a year. In the process of assembling, the luthier writes down for that one specific guitar which might be useful in future for service purpose.

11.  Eliminate Quotas and MBO: The luthier of NCG does not pass the guitar for next assemble station till it is not verified for the quality purpose by ant other or senior luthier.

12.  Remove Barriers: In NCG, there are no barriers for the worker to go outside to start their own business to build the guitar.

13.  Encourage Education and Self-Improvement of workmanship: NCG encourages their worker to learn outside or external courses regarding the guitar manufacturing. In addition to that, NCG allows workers to build their own two guitars in a year.

14.  Take action to accomplish the transformation: NCG being involved in the different activities to encourage their worker as a being leader and to take pride in the guitar which they made. 


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