There are different varieties of Indians around the world one group most notable were called the Arapaho Indians. They also called themselves ‘Inuna-Ina’ which translates to “our people”. According to the Arapaho Indians were a far ranging Native American tribe who, at the time Americans discovered them, lived on the Great Plains in lands of what is now Colorado and Wyoming. Arapaho Indians were very important and famous during the time of the Westward Expansion. Their importance during the time of the Westward Expansion included the hunting of the Buffalo, in which they would trade to the new-coming Americans. They weren’t great listeners, or very good at following directions. Although the Arapaho Indians generally maintained good relations and became great traders with Americans, the pace of westward expansion grew to great which led to them being pushed further westward, and the buffalo that they depended on were being shot by the thousands and left to rot by the newcomers.What the Indians ate included the meat from all the native animals that were being hunted such as buffalo, deer, elk, bear and wild turkey. These meats had things like roots, herbs and wild vegetables such as spinach and potatoes. Different berries and fruits were also among things they ate. When food was scarce the Arapaho tribe ate dried buffalo meat, they called this “pemmican”. The type of clothing they wore included soft pieces of fur from deer or buffalo skin. Men mostly wore cloaks of bundled fur. Women mostly wore fur that consisted of knee-lengthThey had a festival once a year for eight days. The festival would end with the start of the “Great Summer Buffalo Hunt.” The Arapaho’s were not the friendliest tribe. So around 1840 they had made amends with the few tribes that they had issues with previously. Although they made peace they were pushed further west.The Arapaho’s did not want to follow rules. They did not want to listen to anyone in charge. They mostly did not like being put off of their land. They were very resistant towards the authority figures. There was this “honoring” and one of the leaders from the Arapaho’s were invited. They got a medal and everything. But the downside of it was it was not more of an appreciation that it was a ‘warning’. They were being told to not resist the US military again. Or else they would be punished harshly. Not listening were the Arapaho’s way of not wanting to leave the land they were on just because the military told them too.To conclude everything about the Arapaho Indians, They were big buffalo hunters. They had their own unique way to make clothes. Also, they are very specific in what they wear. Meaning the male and females have distinct styles. They were great at hunting animals, mostlybuffalo. They had a yearly festival. They also weren’t great listening. So they weren’t great at following directions. This caused a lot of problems for them. So even though the Arapaho’s were always found hunting buffalo and they were the best tribe at this, they had to be warned by the US.


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