There is no other field that offers me the same level of personal or professional satisfaction. To tip the scales in the favor of people wanting or needing to break down the barriers that impede them from accomplishing their goals is truly gratifying. Knowing I have the capability to make our society better for those in need is fulfillment in itself. I am intent upon pursuing and procuring a Master’s in Social Work. I believe joining the Masters of Social Work program of San Jose State University is the right path for me, and it will provide me the necessary training and education that will be demanding, challenging, and ultimately rewarding. I also believe that my social work background, voluntary work, and management training and experience enable me to bring relevant skills and knowledge to the program. The path to joining the master’s program in Social Work is how I will achieve my goals, particularly improving my understanding of the creation and management of social programs. I anticipate that the MSW program at San Jose State University will thoroughly prepare me for a competent, practical promotion of social justice and social change. The MSW program will allow me to conduct further research into sustainable paths to serving the needs of children and their families. It is my understanding that the program’s curriculum practiced from a transcultural perspective. The school’s MSW is the ideal place to continue my education because of its unique vision on how to educate future service providers to promote effective practice for diverse populations at risk. I know the school itself will also provide outreach opportunities as well as research institutes that will give me access to research, trends, and issues in the field of Social Work. I believe I will greatly benefit from the program and will be able to share my experience with others in my future career as a social worker. I look forward to the challenges the university and the program has to offer. I am confident that I can make a difference if given the opportunity.


I'm Dora!

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