There sent to space broke apart and combusted

There are many galaxies in the world that we live in today,
most of which haven’t even been discovered. In order to put more research to discover
those very galaxies, it would cost billions, possibly trillions of dollars. In
addition, there are many risks in exploring space, some of which are fatal.
Finally, it’s a waste of time to shift your focus on space when there are
things we haven’t even discovered on Earth,
let alone outer space.


   Money is something
that has become a growing problem in not only America, but across the world. NASA
(National Aeronautics and Space Administration) spent $19.65 billion in 2017 alone. Also, it takes an
estimated $500 million just to send a rocket shuttle in space. In 2014, there
were more than 14,000,000 people in the United States who were living with
cancer, some of which couldn’t even pay for their own treatments and
chemotherapy. Personally, I think that treating and caring for people who are
on the verge of death is more important than exploring outer space. There are
many issues going on in the world that need more attention and more funds than
space exploration.

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   Every day, there is
someone in the world who takes a big risk. But some of those risks aren’t worth
taking. In 1986, seven people took risks and that risk cost them their lives.
The Challenger shuttle that was sent to space broke apart and combusted 73
seconds into the flight. In 2003, the Columbia shuttle also broke apart and
killed all seven crew members as well. In less than 20 years, fourteen crew
members died all because of a huge risk they took. Not only are space shuttles
breaking apart a risk, but there is unknown debris and dirt in space that could
strike anyone in space and anytime, unexpectedly. Death by debris isn’t worth
the little bit of information that space explorers get by sending astronauts
into space.


   The Earth has been
around for about 4.7 billion years, and we still haven’t discovered everything
there is to discover on our planet. 71% of our earth is water, yet we only know
6% of what’s in those waters. Scientists still haven’t figured out the right
technology to dig deep into our oceans, yet the still give funding so NASA can
make more and more space equipment that costs more and more money. Taking your
focus off of our earth and putting it on space is not only a waste of money but
a waste of time. I feel as if we should discover all of earth first, then put
space second.


   In conclusion, I do
not feel that nations should devote more time and money into exploring outer
space. The costs are unnecessary and inefficient. There are too many risks into
exploring outer space and to sending humans to space, and we need to focus and
put more devotion on Earth instead of outer space.