There are 5.6 million overseas Korean which primarily locate in China, Russia, Japan and U.S.A. They left the peninsula because there were a lot of military actions or wars happening on the peninsula. The peninsula is close to China, Russia and Japan geographically so people went across the country and hoped to avoid the wars. The earliest Korean immigrant settlement was made around 1860s. The farmers in North Korea was facing the problems of famine and drought and was looking for a new land to farm. In 19th, the Qing empire was not able to protect its border because of some internal and external political issues with Russia so the Korean farmers could cross the border bit more freely than before. That is how the first generation of Korean immigrants settled in China. Nowadays, Chinese government developed a territory for the descendants of these immigrants for their effort they made to reunify China with President Mao. The other country which is adjacent to Korea peninsula is Soviet Union now is Russia. After the Japanese annexation, some Koreans go to Russia because it is geographically close to. Due to the repression of Japanese military force, it forced a lot of people to leave the peninsula and went to Soviet Union. They went there also because the famine and drought and they needed new land to farm. Also, the Soviet government didn’t ban these immigrants strictly. The earliest immigration generation began in 20th century. The October Revolution happened in 1917 made all ethnic groups gather together and fought for the equal rights of workers. Also, these immigrants believed that Soviet Union could free them from Japan’s invasion. Around 1930s, Koreans who lived in Soviet had established their own identity, culture and tradition. Additionally, there are also Koreans who live in USA and Japan. The first generation of Korean Americans arrived in Hawaii. but they were trated as Japanese subjects. The first generation of Korean Japanese arrived when the relation of Japan and Korea was ordinary. They are called Zainichi. Chongryun is North-Korea affiliated resident Koreans in Japan. It is the biggest ethnic group in Japan.

Due to the reason that Korea is becoming more and more international. The country is globalized so a lot of people are eager to learn English. These Korean Americans who came to South Korea for a short period they felt they were welcome. The white men are the king of American but we feel we are the king of this land. English that is highly valued in South Korea considered ordinary and commonplace in the United States, the Korean-American male English teachers become afraid to start over in the competitive American job market – thus further deferring their return. (Journal of Sociolinguistics 1 2, 2012: 218–237) This indicates that American Koreans have very high social status in South Korea because they have English as their native language and they were born outside of South Korea. They are qualified as succeed people in society. However, some people also thought that the reason these people came back to South Korea just because they could have a job in USA. There is another example of Chosonjok in China. Their Korean accent is more close to North instead of South. These people are having Korean dreams before they come to South Korea. However, most of them are doing the 3d jobs (dirty, dangerous, and difficult) in South Korea. A social study showed that 41.3 percent of the Chosunjok in South Korea were employed in the construction site as manual workers and 23.4 percent in restaurants as cooks or employees. (Ethnic Koreans from China: Korean Dream, Adaptation, and New Identity Woo-Gil Choi / Sunmoon University) These chosonjok people probably want to take advantage of their ability to speak Korean and get immigrant South Korea.

Due to the reason that Korean diasporas have different nationalities and cultures, they may have different ideas about the reunification of peninsula. For example, the Koreans who were raised  in USA may have different thoughts with people who were originally raised in South Korea.

For example, they would receive more American social study than East Asia’s. They may look at the problem only from American’s aspect. Different countries have different political policy and concepts. By the contrast, the chosonjok, who lives in China. China has some special foreign policy with North Korea. North Korea is always anti-America so this kind of concept may impact what chosonjok thinks. It seems like it would take a lot of effort to have the reunification of the peninsula since it takes effort to reunify Koreans from different region’s thought.

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