are many different types of disorders that can occur from specific lipids. If there
is a high concentration of saturated fatty acids in the membrane, there can be
an increased risk of metabolic syndrome of heart disease.7 Too much
LDL or too little HDL, therefore can increase the risk of stroke, heart attack,
hypertension or atherosclerosis. This is because the increase in cholesterol
causes the membrane to increase triglyceride storage and the membrane will
become more compact. Increased levels of HDL can also decrease the effects of
increased LDL levels.8 Also, excess non-cholesterol sterols are
taken up by the gut in order to prevent accumulation in other areas.7
High levels of triglycerides could also cause increase the chances of getting
pancreatitis. This is thought to be because the increase of chylomicrons in the
blood can block capillaries resulting in ischemia and increased Hydrogen concentration
in the blood. This will cause damage and expose triglycerides to pancreatic
lipases. As these triglycerides are being degraded can lead to cytotoxic damage
which activates an inflammatory response.9 Typically, unsaturated fatty
acids are essential in the membranes in the brain. These are considered healthy
fats and come from omega three fatty acids found in vegetable oils and other foods.10
Deficiency of these unsaturated fatty acids will cause mental dysfunction.7

            It is also important to note that
normally functioning membranes are found to have low levels of ergosterol. The
function of ergosterol is to organize lipid packing at low concentrations and
allow for a wider range of dietary sterols to be incorporated into the
membrane. If there are high levels of erogsterol there will be less diversity
in sterols in the membrane which could alter ion transport across the membrane
or membrane fluidity. Diversity of lipids in the membrane is essential to
normal tissue function. Also, if there are levels of ergosterol present that
are higher than the levels of stigmasterol there could be an impairment of
lipid packaging in the cell membrane causing membrane issues with cellular signaling
and membrane transport.7


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