There are many leadership skills and qualities that Franklin D. Roosevelt possessed. As a political leader who served as the 32nd President in 1933, he had traits and leadership characteristics that the United States needed during the world war. FDR had the ability to organized and excelled at getting his vision communicated. In chapter 1 of Leadership, Alexander The Great had the ability to organize and inspire his followers. FDR had the same leadership qualities. He wasn’t able to walk, but it didn’t stop him from doing whatever it took to walk. FDR’s resolve and determination to walk was an inspiration to all Americans especially in a time of war. He understood how to influence both parties in Washington and always communicated with the people.     According to ,”Franklin D. Roosevelt was known for many traits like great charisma, a strong character, and a clear vision of America which were enhanced by his intelligence and self-confidence.”Dicob, K. (2018). FDR and trait leadership. online Available at: Accessed 14 Jan. 2018. In the article on titled “5 Ways to be a Leader, Not a Manager” the author talks about how a leader should be decisive and indicate direction. FDR’s clear vision of America helped the country through tough times during the great depression. He contracted polio at age 39, which made him paralyzed and unable to walk. His strong character helped him to persevere with courage and tenacity.     Behaviors that Franklin D. Roosevelt had was his dedication and sense of responsibility toward others. He dedicated his life to civil service and he had no other interest. He was a great communicator on the radio and gained the peoples trust while reassuring them. FDR developed a sense of trust and won people over with his charisma.    The style FDR used was an inspiration, his strong character and the way he carried himself inspired many Americans. FDR was known for his determination. Many people saw his determination, and it inspired them to help themselves. Conceivably people looked at his struggles before giving up or folding. They recognized someone to aspire to be like, and he was their leader. FDR never let his disability disarm his ability to lead.     In his actions Franklin D. Roosevelt was bold. He stood with the unpopular opinion of join with British in the world war even before Pearl Harbor. With the build-up of Fascism and Communism FDR wanted the US to have international presents.  


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