The speech is to  trying to band all americasns toghter in a  that state fear should america intervene with the war. America wanted to help fight the war because europe our are allies overseas. Harold wanted all every american  to realize how close we were  to world domination. Harold’s  point that he was making was the self worth of  man what was worth the cause to what is americans are and with that o understanding the self worth of man he wanted to measure the self worth of an american man and if we  were willing to go to fight for what they believed in as americans. The speaker was Harold ickes the speech was on american dat in new york park central, it’s  to understand the speech was given on American day,  it’s the day when  means to be an american. The audience was in a feeling of hope for a new america. Harold was speaking to  americans and the military but he was speaking to all americans to unite as one and fight for the cause of world war II. There was many purposes for why harold gave the speech, he wanted them to have a feeling of hope and fear for a new america and to go help europe in the war. Americans not how to fight for their way of life he uses examples such as World War I, the great depression and then probation era. All these examples are what define what it means to be an american. the fight for the meaning, american, and how we should not only help the fight over seas but fight the fight back home. Americans take all the liberties for granted that was one of the points he trying to get across that we as americans have all these great liberties that all americans have he made an emphasis on how other countries are having those same rights taken away from them, Ickles wanted them understand the many freedoms that there are. The foundation that american democracy was shaking from beneath them that the very thing that all americans love was being thernted but the nazi’s and  that going into the war was a necessary evil that was.


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