history of English literature never separated from the existing work that makes
it as the characteristic in their period. As in the old period of English
period which famous with Beowulf work in poetry form. Until in the days of the
emergence of renaissance in the range of the 1500s known as the enlightenment
period. Up to the age of Alexander Pope with four historical backgrounds known
at the beginning of the eighteenth century. Then there are three important
things that I will explain in this essay namely, Alexander Pope life, Alexander
Pope work, historical event that happened during the age of Pope and how the historical
events affect his works.

pope is the son of linen plow court linen, Lombard Street who was born on 21 of
May 1688 in London. Alexander
Pope had learned Greek and Latin under the supervision of a local priest in his
Catholic school. Pope
has a little formal schooling, he educates himself by reading, translating
language and studying poetry intensively. At the age of sixteen that Alexander
Pope began compiling the Pastoral Letters which published on 1709, in the same
year Pope had attacked
some diseases such as tuberculosis disease, probably Pott’s disease weakening the backbone that hampers its
growth. At the beginning of his illness, Pope decided to go to London and learn
French and Italian language because it was there that Pope began to recognize
the literary figures who allegedly the work of Pope fell into the hands of the
famous figures who formed Pope’s career. Shortly afterwards in 1744 Alexander Pope died because of his diseases
which he suffered most of his life.

               Different with many 18th-century authors and rhymes like Swift, Addison, Gay, Daniel Defoe, Samuel Richardson, Henry Fielding, and others the Pope emerge to have rediscovered his science every five to ten years. With a literary acquaintance, makes Pope spurred to publish his literary works. His main poetry work of the Pastoral filter pastoral English into poetic form, echoing Virgil’s Eclogues. At the begging or the early career of his work, Alexander Pope did not use any limit subject in his speech work. In the year of 1711 Pope reverberate his second major work on An Essay on Criticism which drew attention from Joseph Addison, who was one of the founders of The Spectator, and he included some of the Pope’s works in his publications. In the eighteenth century Pope composed a descriptive and historic poem in his native Windsor Forest, entitled Windsor-Forest in 1713, his work get attention from Jonathan Swift who later found the club Scriblerus and published the work in 1714. After several publications Pope began making his own projects such as the Homer’s The Iliad translation in 1720 and the translation of The Odyssey in 1726 which brought his career popular, not only that Pope also produced the edition of Shakespeare, completed in 1725.               There are several historical events occur in the Age of Alexander Pope, such as a Pope that Rome does not forget, criticism of papal excess, and serious questions. The historic event of the Roman pope was not forgotten because at the time, from the perspective of the Catholic religion the Pope was said that he does not respect the church. This criticism of papal excess narrates some of the criticisms that Pope received from one of his enemies. Pope basically ignores his critics but there is one person whom Pope cannot ignore because Girolamo Savonarola is a Dominican monk, a fiery preacher, and a political leader in Florence. The next historical event is the emergence of important questions about how the intrigues and behavior of Pope can be explained, how does the historian explain it and various reasoning lines are used. At that time the Christian monarchy was resisting the threat from Turkish that made its politics and churches seemingly conditioned to keep the peace. So as not to surprising people with it, then Christ himself has foretold it.               Alexander Pope work was associated with the reaction of the environment at that age. Throughout his life Roman Catholicism was oppression. At that time, Alexander Pope did not get a good education and attended of a famous high school. That’s what makes Pope spend his time studying by his own. Pope spends his time at home studying Italian poems. By self-study, he also tried to make poems or poets according to circumstances and situations at that time, such as the social circumstances. For instance, his work about Imitations of Horace which tells of the corrupt political situation in Latin.               So it can be concluded that Alexander Pope is a writer and translator who was born in London. He and his family are Roman Catholics. With his formal education and self-study Pope at the age of sixteen he can make Pastoral Letters. But unfortunately at the same time Pope has a disease that slows his growth. It does not become an obstacle for him, with his pain Pope has continued his career by collaborate with several famous writers which seem to be good for his beginning career. Until finally Pope began his own work and became famous with his work too. At the age of Alexander Pope there are also several historical events that occur, which became the highlight at that time. Alexander Pope was famous of his criticism based on the situation that appear at that age. His work was about Imitations of Horace which tell us about the political corrupt issue in Latin.


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