The first and most obvious
exception to the warrant requirement is if consent is given. Police may search
a person or their property if the person in question gives permission. I agree
with this exception because it is the duty of every citizen know that they can
refuse consent. However, it is questionable whether a minor can fully
understand and give consent to a search.

second exception is that of stop and frisks. If there is reasonable suspicion
that a suspect is armed, an officer may pat down the outside of the suspects
clothing. This is allowed for the protection of the officers. This is
reasonable, as long as it is used legally, as it protects officers from
potentially dangerous suspects.

third exception is search incident to arrest. This allows officers to use
evidence found within reach of a suspect at the time of the arrest. This is
allowed because evidence might not always be on the person, but can be found
within their reach. I agree with this exception because suspects may try to
hide or toss evidence.

fourth exception is the search for mobile evidence, usually in an automobile.
This is allowed because the time required to obtain a search warrant would
allow a suspect enough time to destroy or move evidence. I agree with this
exception because it reduces the amount of evidence that can be hidden before
police can access it.

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fifth exception is the plain view exception. If evidence is in plain view of
the officer while in an area in which the officer is legally allowed, it can be
seized as evidence. I agree with this exception because it provides useful
evidence against a suspect. Evidence in plain view does not need to be searched
for, and therefore should not require a search warrant.

final exception is that of emergencies. This is used to enter private property
that is believed to be housing a suspect under hot pursuit or if officers have
reason to believe evidence is being destroyed. Similar to the search of mobile
evidence, I agree with this exception because it allows police to collect
evidence before it is destroyed or catch suspects before they flee. 


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