The Heart is a Lonely Hunter Carson McCullers Reviewed by, Grant Braaksma The novel, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, written by Carson McCullers is a unique and compelling read. Firstly, McCullers writes her novel from the perspective of several characters, however the main character is a young man named John Singer. Mr. Singer who is a mute that lives with a fellow mute. The book is all based on how Singer sees the world around him. As the story progresses, Singer helps people by simply being someone to talk to. In any situation good or bad, strong or weak, someone who listens is the best thing. Secondly, the setting of this book is the early 20’s in small milling town in Georgia. This setting is the best way to connect to the audience. The audience, is everyone, something anyone can relate to is small town life. McCullers uses simplicity to relate to her readers, using a mute character, in a small town, who listens and watches. We all have watched and listened, but not talked. Now not all of us enjoy sitting and watching, or listening, however that is where McCullers uses her simplicity again. All the people who come and talk to Singer are facing life problems that we all have or will face. Singer faces people with, money problems, relationship problems, career problems, life status problems, and even one man with an addiction. The book itself is very powerful, thoughtful, and real. From the people Singer sees, to the setting, Singer himself, and the plot are filled with power, thought, and reality. McCullers relates with everyone, because the book is filled with power. The problems people face in this book, people today still face, that is how McCullers is able to reach to everyone. The power is not in the book, rather it is the book. The novel that McCullers has written, is not empowering, enjoyable, or entertaining. That is how she gets so real, books today with empowerment and entertainment do not really help you in life. Yes it is good to be empowered, or entertained in order to stay healthy in the mind, however reality is not always entertaining, empowering or enjoyable. Writing a book, that deals with people talking to a man who is considered nothing, yet is accepted in everything, is in itself powerful. Singer, is a mute, who is not particularly labelled as rich or poor, is a man who is accepted everywhere. As the book says he is seen as poor and rich, depending on who you are, Singer is accepted everywhere yet he is not considered to be anything. Mrs. McCullers uses a man who is free to be who you think, a small town, realty and encouragement to shape a novel that is unique. If you are a take-on-the-world novel type of person this book is not in range, yet it is worth reading. If you are not a take-on-the-world book person, this story is still for you. The novel, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter was written for everyone, and it should be read by everyone. Word Count: 520


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