What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) was created by the IES in 2002 to provide
scientific evidence about what works in education.  What Works Clearinghouse complies research on
different programs, products, practices, and policies in education to assist
educators in make evidence-based decisions on programs for their school.  What Works Clearinghouse has staff dedicated
to conducting reviews of specific topics. 

WWC has three main quick links.  The
first link investigated was the practice guide link.  The practice guides were developed to help
with any obstacle that might arise in our classrooms or school.  Once on the practice guide link you can
quickly find the topic you our looking for by using the practice guide search
feature and entering keywords about your topic. 
I really liked the search option, it was detailed, but not so detailed
that it turned me off of going through it. 
The keywords used in my search of practice guides were “high school”.  The first result was for preventing dropout
in secondary schools.  The guide listed
four recommendations on how to reduce dropouts rates and how to improve
graduation rates.  Each of the four recommendations
has its own guide that provides steps and examples of how to implement the
practice.  While looking at this practice
guide page I noticed that certain words were underlined. When you click on the
underlined word the site gives a definition of what the word means and how it is
used for on the WWC website. 

second quick link on the WWC website is intervention reports.  The WWC provides studies that can be useful for
in improving our school.  The
intervention report looked at was called Positive Action.  The main page of this report gave an overview
of the program, the findings, and a description of the research demographic.  The main page also had a link for the WWC
Summary of evidence for Positive Action. 
This summary includes a snapshot of the evidence, an intervention
report, and review of the protocol.  The
summary feature would be very useful when comparing similar programs to see
which program is best for your school. 

third quick link on the WWC website is reviews of individual studies.  This link allows you to determine if a
specific study has been looked over by the WWC. 
Information can be found using a search bar or selecting options, such
as, rating, design, and/or topic from a drop down menu.  Studies that have been reviewed will include
details of the WWC rating of the “quality of evidence”.  This link can be very useful for finding evidence
for grant applications or to identify evidence strategies that are supported by
the WWC to achieve educational improvement goals that are requirements under
the Every Student Succeeds Act

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            The WWC provided a webinar on
November 16, 2016 to teach administrators how to use WWC resources to find
evidence on what works in education.  The
webinar gave educators an overview of the features of the website and
introduced new features.  The webinar was
recorded and you can watch the presentation or read the transcript.


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