The  book  the  Three  Dark  Crowns  by  Kendare  Blake  is  about  three   sisters  on  the Island  of  Fenburn. On Fenbur, every queen has triplets.  The queen is a even a part of triplets. Mirabella is the youngest. She has elemental powers. Elementals control the elements like air, water, fire, earth, and lightning. The middle sister, Katharine, is a poisoner. She can create a consume the most dangerous of poisons. The eldest is Arisone. She is a naturalist. Naturalists are “green thumbs” and friends to animals. Throughout the book it reveals that Katharine and Arisone were lying about their powers. At the age of sixteen, all of them must battle each other. Whoever wins becomes the queen of Fenbur. To win they must attempt to kill each other. Kendare  Blake  uses many  literary  elements  like  flashbacks, tone, and conflict.                        The  author  of  the  Three Dark Crowns  uses  flashbacks  to  show  readers  the  triplets few moments  together  as  children . A  flashback  is  the  moment  in  which  the  linear story  is  interrupted  and  launch  to  invent  that  occurred  in  the  past. The three sisters Arisone, Mirabella,  and  Katharine  were  raised  together  until  a  certain age. When  they  reach  that  age  they  were  separated  and  raised  in  different  homes according  to  their  powers. Arisone  was  always  raised  in  Wolf  Spring  a  naturalist city. Mirabella  was  raised  in  Rowlanth an  elemental  city. Last  but  not  least Katharine  she  was  raised  in  Prynn  a  poisoners city. On  page  46, Marabella   has  a flashback  when  she  was  young. “she  draws  your  sisters  blood  with  the pair  of  silver  shear… ‘she  is  not  my  sister’  her  sister  shrugs. Blood  rolls  down  in  a  slow waterfall  from  the  open  hole  on  the  side  of  her  head. ‘she  is  and  I  am. We  are’… The  other  ear  falls  into  her  sister’s  lap”. The  flashback  shows  how  Mirabella  doesn’t  want  to  accept  the  fact  that  Katharine  is  her  sister. Mirabella  doesn’t  want to  accept  her  because  she  can  turn  wine  to  blood  and  back  again.                                                       Kendare  Blake  uses  the  tone  of  in  the book. The  tone  is  worry. Arisone  is  going  against  her  two  sisters. They  have  more  of  a  chance  at  winning than  she  does. That  creates  worry  in  Arisone. The  naturalists  (Arisone)  and elementals  (Mirabella)  have  not  won  the  crown  in  years. But  as  the  big  ceremony comes  up  Arisone  is  to  practice  her  powers. So  she  can  one  day  kill  her  sisters and  become  queen  over  the  land. The  worry  shows  when  she  is  talking  to  her friends  about  one  of  the  naturalist  queens, Bernadine. “‘Great   queen   Bernadine,’ Arisone  mutters… ‘ She  is  the  only  naturalist  queen  anyone  remembers’ …  ‘And  for all  the  savagery’… ‘It  will  go  wrong. Something  always  goes  wrong when  it  comes  to me. Someone  will  get  hurt’  ‘It  will  hurt  when  your  sisters  kill  you,’ Madrigal reminds  her. It  seems  like  a  harmless  bit  of  junk. But  it  does  not  feel  that  way.” This shows  the  worry  because   Arisone  is  constantly  being  pressured  by  her friends. She  is  also  being  compared  to  the  queen  before  her. She  worries  a  lot  to live up  to  everyone’s  expectations  of  her. This  is  a  great  example  of  peer  pressure.           The  book  ends  with  a  lot  of  conflict  a  lot  of  things  end  up  being unresolved. For  example,”‘I  don’t  want  that’  says  Katharine. ‘What  do  you  mean, sweetheart? What  do  you  want?’ ‘ I  want  revenge,’  she  whispers, as  her  fingers  trail bloody  streaks  down  Natalia’s  arms. ‘And  then  I want  my  crown'”.This  leaves the  book  on  a  cliffhanger. During  the  book  Katharine  was  “killed”.But  it  turns  out  she wasn’t  and  now  is  now she’s  back. She’s  back  and  better  than  ever.  Another  conflict  is  with  the  girls and  their  powers. At the end of turned out the Arisone is actually  a  poisoner  and  Katharine  is  a  naturalist. “‘I  haven’t  been  a  giftless  queen all this time, Jules. Unable to  sprout  a  beanstalk  or  turn  a  tomato   red  or  get  some  stupid  word  to   sit  on  my  shoulder’. Her  voice  grows  louder  and  faster  until  she  catches   herself  and  quiets. ‘All  this  time I  thought  I  was  nothing. But  I’m  not  nothing, Jules.’ Arisone  looks  up  and  smiles. ‘I  am  a  poisoner’.” 


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