The Demon Fortress would’ve been magnificent, if it wasn’t filled with demons and had gaping jaws, flowing with lava. Ratatoskr sighed. Had he really come all this way just to save a human? “Sir, what is our plan of action?” Rusty asked. “The Demon Fortress is right in front of us.” “I think that we just run right in there, take out anyone who stands in our way and save the human. Does that sound like a bad plan?” Ratatoskr asked, sharpening his claws in a fast manner. “Sir, I know you are more than capable enough to take down every demon in there, but what about the safety of the human? If they find out that you’ve come here for it, they might just kill it. I think that we should go in stealthily.” Rusty said awkwardly, twisting his earbud. “Fine, but going in there stealthily is no fun. Everytime we do that, we don’t get to kill anyone.” Ratatoskr said in a sad voice, then started to glide over to the Demon Fortress. “Just so you know, if a single demon sees me, I get to take everyone in there down. Got it?” “Sir, I don’t think that it’s wise to fight anything in that fortress. A single alert and it could bring down your mortal enemy…Deathbringer.” Rusty reasoned. “Please, there’s no reason to do such a stupid thing.” “Rusty, you may not know this, but Deathbringer is in that fortress right now. He’s the one who captured the human. He posed as me in human form, and gave her Demon Sickness 6, just to catch me off guard and while I was off searching for him, he captured her. I need revenge against him.” Ratatoskr said simply. “This conversation is over. Our plan of action is to find Deathbringer and kill him. If the Council of Elders gets mad at me, so be it. I’d rather have Deathbringer off my mind.” “Risking the wrath of the Council of Elders is not a smart ide–” Ratatoskr cut Rusty off with a sly smile. Ratatoskr beckoned with his tail and jumped onto the ledge of the Demon Fortress. “Deathbringer. I see him over there. He’s being covered by 20 Swat Demons. I think I could send a Acorn Bomb over there and blow ’em all up, and then take down Deathbringer. Sound like a good plan?” Rusty didn’t answer. He just pointed over to a Magma Cannon, sitting on a ledge, waiting to fire. Ratatoskr understood immediately. “You’re right. If I throw an Acorn Bomb, that Magma Cannon will destroy it before it reaches them. All I’ll be doing is alerting them of my position.”


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