The Top 10 Hulks in the Marvel UniverseMarvel Universe TopsCommentsThe Marvel Universe has a Hulk problem. A helmet was terrifying, a monster devoid of God, fearful of God in all the great heroes of the earth. The second was an unfathomable update. But now they are about 12 years old, everyone is running to destroy the place. They breed like rabbits, by God. So, until we hear about the first appearance of Neon Orange Hulk or Burnt Sienna Hulk, use this latest ranking with most helmets.Source: Marvel.com10. Assortment of non-core helmetsThere are many helmets that happen to be somewhere in the Marvel Universe. Then continue with the list.First, there was a moment when a group of Marvel heroes met at the Hulk World War Crossover. Hull Wolverine was the coolest of the group.Then we have my love, the Blue Hulk. Blue Hulk or Blulk like me, and only I, we’ll call it, was a character created exclusively for Audrey Loeb-Penned’s and Chris Giarusso’s mini-Hulks comics. Blue Hulk was created to be a companion of the green and red hulks in the series.There are also pre-flags monsters that are also monsters. One was renamed “Glop” unattractive. The other is Xemnu, the living Hulk. Xemnu really fought the real Hulk and the defenders, which should be confusing. “Hey, Hulk, come here and hit the Hulk!” It must have been strange.Source: schurken.wikia.com9. SkaarDo not name your child after your birthplace. It’s just stupid and only a few children can call themselves Luxembourg.Anyway, Skaar was born on the Hulk and watched the warrior Caiera the Elder on the gladiator planet Šakar. At some point he was banished from his home planet to the land where he had met his father, and through the Marvel Universe.He even found a spot in Dark Avengers, first as a mole in Norman Osborn’s team and later as a regular member of the team that was once Thunderbolts, but everyone thought Dark Avengers would sell better. I mean, fifteen numbers were later eliminated, but who knows, without the name change, it could only be five. In any case, I’m not bitter.Anyway, Skaar. Finally Skaar was stolen by his beloved father and wandered over the Pyrenees on his last visit.Source: comicbook.com8. Lyra, the wild she-hulkLyra is one of the least known people, but that does not mean that her attention is not worth it.Lyra comes from the same world as Thundra, which should be clear to anyone who can detect similarities in the locker room. Thundra reached the Marvel 616 Universe to find a strong warrior and guess who he was with? Hulk Then, after testing his DNA, he returned to his terrible and alternative future, helping to genetically build a new warrior.This warrior would be Lyra, the new and wild hulaa. He was quickly approved by A.R.M.O.R. It is known as the secret organization of Marvel Comics, not S.H.I.E.L.D. and it is not S.W.O.R.D. After a while, Hulk would find it in his new Doc Green identity, which was designed to disable all gamma mutants on Earth. He could not find a way to take power away, so he brought it into his home dimension.His mother, Thundra, came back together and grabbed her daughter so that both could have fun in Weirdworld.Source: comicvine.gamespot.com7. Rick Jones, a nuclear bombRick Jones was a teenager with perhaps the worst idea of ??how to use the free time I heard. He decided to drive his car to a nuclear test site and stay there.Fortunately, Bruce Banner decided to run in the middle of the desert to keep Rick from spraying himself. In this process, Banner received an outbreak of gamma radiation and became Hulk. But do not let that fool you and think that Rick never had his adventure.First, he was a potential partner and Bucky’s replacement for Captain America, then Captain Marvel’s human avatar. We’re done with Captain Marvel … well, he’s dead. And the other ended because Captain America felt it was STRANGE SUPER when Rick disguised himself as a dead friend. But Rick became Hulk for a very short time. More importantly, Rick’s second identity, similar to that of Hulk, came when the leader and MODOK experimented to create a new monstrosity. They created … The Bomb A.


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