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 The song ”Die with my Dignity”made by Singing Sandra, better known as ”sexy employers” represents howstressful and hard it is for women in the 18th century society.  In my opinion ” the lyrics stresses more onhow women are exploited, how they are humiliated, and abused. Within the songit shows that Singing Sandra wrote the song ‘die with my dignity’ to raiseawareness about the situation that have been taking place in ordinary women life’sjust like herself. I viewed this song as a call for females to show theirstrength and power to say no to the humiliation and the ridicules. The lyricsclearly states the kind of act and misconduct females of the 18thcentury needs to possess before being employed by someone who is position highin society.

 Regardless of all the violence and disrespectshe pleaded for ordinary women to follow in her footstep and say no to any formhumiliation and to remain strong and not be seduced by these men.  From my perspective, she expresses her concernabout the employers of Trinidad and how distasteful it is for woman to beinvolving their selves in misconduct to be employed. Furthermore being involvedin such acts ruin one’s reputation in society that will not give women therespect they deserved. This simply means that the life’s of an enslaved womanduring the 18th century were tortured and advantage in the worse way just tobecome employed  either to support herfamily or otherwise.  In today’s society women has becomemuch aware of the situation such as sexual harassment, abuse and exploitationthat they speak out again any of these form of disrespect and gain support fromboth the same and opposite sex. Education is a major key factor that provideambition and uplifting these young woman to their moralities with makes thesewomen of today’s society successful and independent without having to ask forfavors from persons in high position that can destroy their dignity.

 Also it is concluded that in the 18thcentury there wasn’t laws that could have stopped the unlawful acts but intoday’s society women are protected by the law again any forms of this acts. Itcould be seen that women lives are much easier to acquire a job and life aprofound life with their dignity. 


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