The uses of electric scooter as traffic vehicles are steadily growing, especially in populated area such as India, China and other countries from Asia. The weak point of this small electric vehicle, its autonomy, control, stability and battery energy management and is limited speed. For this reason a lot of research hasbeen carried out, but the problem of achieving high density storage systems for wide range speed has not yet been solved. Nowadays the only practical solution seems to be the adoption of electric scooter is the uses of intelligent control systems to manage speed and torque, in this way the three-wheel electric scooter employee the electronic differential system for the best driving conditions, another solution can be usefulsuch as ICE or fuel-cell powered in any case results in increased cost of vehicle and energy management complexity. On the other hand, purely electric vehicles become very useful competitive such as scooters,exclusively devoted to urban mobility. However, the advantages coming from scooter become really appreciable only in large urban areas, where the great number of vehicles produces a lot of traffic congestion that scooters can easily avoid. Unfortunately, the preceding prototypes couldn’t cover the same speed and the required acceleration in the same area. The requirement for electric scooters, which are now widespread in the world and call for an immediate electric counterpart 1. In this paper, the solution made of three-wheeled electric scooter use an electronic differential system will be presented. This prototype which is propelled by brushless direct current motors (BLDCM) includes hall effect position sensors, these motors are placed on the rear wheels and controlled by proportional integral controller (PI). The front wheel consists of one directing wheel. The result to be shown in this paper is the efficiency of the intelligent driving system made of the electronic differential system and the proposed PI control, the results obtained by MATLAB Simulation present satisfactory and present the three-wheel scooter power with lithium –ions battery as very good competitive traffic element for urban populated area.


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