The customers are key to any organization, so it becomes vital to fix the problem as soon as possible. We have had persistent quality issues with our switches and servo-mechanism products. To report this problem, we will utilize Chaffee (2015) five step problem-solving approach to find out the issues of our products being defective and what we can do to guarantee our customer that these quality issues will not be a problem in the future.

First alternative is to improve our quality control program by testing the faulty product and finding the cause of failure. Second alternative is to increase operational trials that will guarantee all manufacturing products are sellable to all buyers. The operation team is to inspect the items that are faulty. We have our sales team issue credits or replacements to ease any harsh feelings customers may have and they are compensated for their loss. Let the customer know that the company’s main priority is customer satisfaction and company is trying to rectify the problem.

After all the information collected regarding the issues, the next step is to examine them in the company itself. A separate team is to assign a task to investigate the issues. After testing the quality of the product, we found that the raw material of the switches and servo-mechanism products are too delicate for operation and failing when used by the buyer. After the team’s analysis, the engineer is to fix the issues as soon as possible. When the issues are fixed, the new product will go for quality testing. If the new product passes all the quality control test, then perform quality test in the presence of buyer. For the inconvenience, offer one-time discounted deals to the customer.

After a refurbished quality control and operations program, our customers were impressed with new processes and accepted discounted deals. Also, customers give us feedback about the changes and how they love it. Our company is now more respected and has gained new business with new customers.

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Reference: Chaffee, J. (2015). Thinking critically (11th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning




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