The Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty
Alleviation enforced an employment oriented Urban Poverty Alleviation (UPA)
centrally sponsored blueprint named Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana
(SJSRY), in whole of India with impact from 1.12.1997. The blueprint has been
comprehensively revamped with impact from 2009-2010. The schedule strives to
provide rewarding employment to the urban unemployed and under engaged poor,
via encouraging self-employment endeavours by the urban poor residing below the
poverty line, Competency training and additional supply of wages by employing
their labour for the development of public possessions socially yet
economically. The emphasised areas of the revised scheme:

Supporting skill development or training
programmes in accordance to enable the urban poor to have access to job
opportunities available in the market or take up self-employment.

Empowering the public to confront the
issues of urban poverty through appropriate self-managed neighbourhood
assemblies like Neighbourhood Groups (NHGs), Neighbourhood Committees (NHC),
Community Development Society (CDS) etc.

Beneficiaries under the Urban Self Employment Programme (USEP) the education limit
criteria of the scheme has been withdrawn, which was earlier restricted to only
people not educated beyond 9th Std. Currently there is no maximum or
minimum education qualification required for assistance.

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d)     For self-employed (individual category), project cost ceiling has been
increased to Rs. 2 Lakhs from the existing Rs. 50000/- and the
subsidy has also been increased to 25% of the project cost (subject to a
maximum of Rs. 50000/-), from the existing 15% of the project cost (subject to
a maximum of Rs. 7500/-).

e)      Group enterprises set up by urban poor women, subsidy has been made as
35% of the project cost or Rs. 3,00,000/- or Rs. 60,000/- per member of the
Group, whichever is less. The minimum number required to form a women group has
been reduced from 10 to 5. The revolving fund entitlement per member has also
been increased from the existing Rs. 1000/- to Rs. 2000/-.


The revised scheme has the
following components:

1.      Urban Self Employment Programme (USEP) – This scheme
was launched under SJSRY. The objective of the scheme to address UPA through
rewarding self-employment opportunities to the unemployed poor by encouraging
them to set up their own ventures. This scheme also supports skill training and
development programmes to help them to have access to other employment
opportunities. This scheme is an individual loaning programme.


2.      Urban Women Self-Help Programme (UWSP) – Groups of
women belonging to the urban poor are provided assistance to setup their own
venture and revolving funds support is provided for SHGs or Thrift and Credit
Society (T&CS) formed by these women.   


3.      Skill Training for Employment Promotion amongst
Urban Poor (STEP-UP) – This scheme is a component of SJSRY and the goals are
associated with National Skill Development Policy. This scheme provides
opportunities for the youth, women and deprived groups to acquire skill for a
life time. The main aim is to develop high quality skilled workforce for the
emerging market needs.


Urban Wage Employment Programme (UWEP) – Seeks to assist urban poor by
employing their labour for the construction of socially and economically useful
public assets, in towns having population less than 5 lakhs as per 1991 census. 


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