The the year of 1982 and it has

The Toyota Camry is a vehicle that has been
manufactured by Japanese manufacturer Toyota since the year of 1982 and it has
spanned many generations. It was originally made as a compact unit that have
grown to accommodate a midsize classification which is the wide body size many
have grown to love.

The Camry is considered to be the second
“world car” sold by Toyota after the Corolla. There have been many versions of
this vehicle in the American and Japanese market but all with similar features.

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This book will cover the features of the
2018 Toyota Camry which will allow the reader to be informed of what is
currently available from this car.







EPA Estimation

In almost all vehicles
there is an EPA estimation to determine the appropriate mileage of a vehicle.
It is important to note that the actual mileage may vary so they will give
various estimates to help vehicles owners get an idea of performance.


Information  – Accuracy

The accuracy of the provided
information and its overall availability from the Dynamic Navigation system
will depend on different factors. It is recommended that the vehicle owner will
use common sense to review the provided information.


Dynamic Navigation System

It is important to note
that the services and the programming will be subject to changes in the future.
This service will not be available on all roads or in all cities. There will be
a subscription required after you have received 3 year complimentary service.
The Owner’s Manual can be consulted for more information.



When controlling a vehicle
it is expected that you will be aware of the road and traffic conditions at all
times. There are various applications and services that may vary by the phone
or carrier and the functionality that may be affected by these present factors.


GPS provisions

In many cases the accuracy
and the availability of the GPS data may be dependent on some factors. It is
always advised that common sense should be used when analysing the information
provided. Always consider for additional details.



This version of the 2018
Camry is equipped with an Entune 3.9 Audio Plus that is supported with Clari-Fi
and Connecte Navigation Scout GPS Link App. This also supported with App Suite
to ensure fulsome use of the system. The car has a glass roof that is panoramic
with a front power tilt/slide moon roof. There is also Toyota Safety Sense
available to the users.




This version comes with a
combination headlights that have a Bi-LED feature that is equipped with an auto
on/off feature. The Entune 3.0 Audio also has a connected navigation scout that
uses a GPS Link App and the App Suite. The car is also equipped in Toyota
Safety Sense.



The car has an 8 way power
adjustable drives seat that also has lumbar support. The car has a 17 inch
allow wheels that give it a great appearance that is also equipped with Toyota
Sense P.



The car has an Entune 3.o
that is connected with a Navigation Scout GPS Link App and the App Suite. There
are 18 inch wheels that have a silver machined finish along with the Toyota
Safety Sense P that is trademarked to Toyota.



The SE version starts at
$25,200 and is equipped with a black front grille that has a sport mesh insert
to compliment it. The car is supported by an 18 inch machined finish alloy
wheels that are also supported with Toyota Safety Sense P.


Hybrid LE

The 2018 Camry Hybrid LE
version will start $27,800 and it has an 8 way power adjustable seat that has a
lumbar support. The car also has a smart key system that is also supported with
a push button start feature. The car is also supported with Toyota Safety


Exterior 1

The LED headlights are
made with LED Daytime Running Lights that also use an auto on/off feature.
There is another version of the headlight that also come in a smoke tint color
as well. Some of the lights have a Bi-LED combination that also has an auto on
or off feature.



The cars can come equipped
with a dark gray front grille or a black front grille that will come with a
sport mesh coupled inside. There are other options such as the bright metallic
front grill or the gloss back front grille that also will have a sport mesh


Exterior 2

The 2018 Camry may come
equipped with colored keys that accentuate the rocker panels on the sport side.
There are also options of a two-tone metallic or midnight black roof or a rear
spoiler. The car is also supported with a color keyed power outside mirrors.


Exterior 3

There are also color keyed
outside mirrors that are also color keyed with blind spot and turn signal along
with blind spot warning indicators. There are also color keyed outside door
handles which gives a stylish appearance. In some versions, the outside door
handles come with a touch sensor that can unlock or lock the vehicle.


Moon roof

The 2018 Camry comes with
a moon roof that tilts or slides and there are also some that come equipped
with a panoramic glass roof that is also a power slide or tilt moon roof.



The vehicle can come on
top of 19 inch black machined alloy wheels noted by P235/40R19 tires. It could
also be 18 inches silver alloy wheels noted by P235/45R18 or 17 inch alloy
wheels that are noted by P215/55R17 tires. There is another selection of 16
inch steel wheels that are on P205/65R16 tires.



The car has intermittent
windshield wipers that are linked to the washers. It is important to note that
the windshield glass is made from High Solar Energy Absorbing glass. The
windshield is also an acoustic noise reducing one that will please the driver.



There are dual exhaust
with quad chrome tips or the dual exhaust with a chrome finisher. Otherwise it
will be a single exhaust with a chrome finisher. Any combination will give the
car an awesome look that passengers will love and be proud to ride in.


Interior 1

The car has front air
conditioning with an air filter and the vehicle has a single zone automatic
climate control also with an air filter. There is also rear seat vents with
dual zone automatic climate control with electric compressor and humidity


Backup camera

The 2018 Camry will come
with an integrated backup camera that has a projected path and dynamic grid
lines. The TFT Information display will show many things such as the fuel
economy, outside temperature, odometer and the trip information.  There are also other things such as the
distance to empty, trip distance and warning messages.



The 2018 Camry will come
with heated front seats that have fabric trimmings and an 8 way power
adjustable seat for the driver with lumbar support. There is a 6 way adjustable
passenger seat that has a seatback pocket for great convenience.



The car comes with the
rear adjustable headrests and a rear seat that will fold down with center
armrests with cup holders. The vehicle is also equipped with a full-speed range
dynamic radar cruise control.


Additional Features

The steering wheel has a 3
spoke steering and it also has a telescopic and tilt with additional features
such as multi-information display, audio and display. There are things such as
voice command, hands-free phone and the dynamic radar cruise control. You can
also experience the lane departure alert controls as well.


Additional Features 2

There is a bird eye view
camera that works with a perimeter scan. There is also an overhead 360 degree
view that will be provided in drive and reverse along with a curb view. The
display will show customizable settings, speedometer, navigation, shift
positon, audio, phone and outside temperature.


Alloys Wheels Locks

These locks will keep your
wheels and tires in place and where they belong. While these locks look great
they will help to protect you against theft of your tires. They have triple
nickel chrome plating that will prevent any corrosion and keep a great shine.


LED Fog Lights

You will always be
comforted by having the knowledge that you have a great fog light kit that has
a great wide angle intensity with LED lights. This will help you to see the
road better even in adverse conditions, heavy rain or snow.




Rear Spoiler

The rear spoiler is an
amazing design that amplifies your car and persons will only see the behind. The
spoiler may be color keyed to give it a greater appearance and it will meet the
factory specifications ad it is made from lightweight and high quality



It is important to note
that mudguards will keep the lower area of the car clean and looking good
always. This mud guard also protects against chipping or damage that may come
from various things on the road. These will offer precise fitting which will
match the vehicle and the structure as necessary.


Rear Bumper

It is important to note that
in any vehicle the rear bumper would take some amount of abuse in the day to
day operations. You can do many things to the bumper that may damage it but you
can use the rear bumper applique which will keep it scuff free. It is made from
a durable and color less urethane film that has UV protection.                 


Paint Protection Film

This is quite similar to a
suit of armor for your car. The paint protection will help to protect the vehicle
from any debris that may chip and scratch the finish of the vehicle. It is made
from an invisible urethane film layers which will contain UV protectants that
will help to prevent yellowing.


Phone Compatibility

There are multimedia
systems that can come in the vehicle that can work with your smartphone that
can give you options such as hands free calling, audio streaming and many more.
The multimedia system will be compatible with iPhone and Android models.



When you have determined
that your phone can work with the system you should proceed to pair your phone
with the compatible device. This pairing with the multimedia systems is quick
and easy. All that is required is to connect the device using Bluetooth.


Entune Service  (Complimentary Subscription)

The Entune system is a
great feature in the Toyota vehicle. It provides complimentary access to the
apps and data features. This is in all Toyota vehicles that come equipped with
the Entune App Suite. The complete software can be used to access your
playlists, make plans and a lot more using various apps.


Advanced Voice Recognition etc.

When you use your voice to
ask, the system will listen and initiate hands free control which can bring
more convenience to your life. The system will also have you being able to
explore more things. This include things like navigation system to guide you
were you need to go.


36.   Hands-free calling

use hands-free calling, you will first have to pair the phone with the Entune system
which is quite powerful. The voice command button can be used on the steering
wheel that can be used to initiate the hands free calls.


37.   Music Streaming

music system will allow you to never miss a beat as you when you pair your
phone you now make it MP3 or WMA capable smartphone. This will allow the user
to listen to their playlists through the car’s sound system.


38.   Siri – Eyes Free

driver has the option of engaging Siri without looking directly at their phone.
This feature is referred to as Siri Eyes free which will allow the driver to
effect their voice commands in the car while using a compatible device. This
can be engaged when the user presses and holds the off the hook button on the
steering wheel and wait for the beep to sound to indicate it has been engaged.


39.   More music

driver will be able to access music from their favorite apps to stream music.
This includes some of the popular music sources such as Pandora, iHeartRadio
and Slacker Radio. There are more things that can be done such as finding your
way around the area by using with updated reports on traffic that is powered by
HD Radio.


40.   Checking Local Weather

system can provide you with the local weather updates all year round. This
weather verification service is powered by HD Radio and it equips the driver to
be prepared at all times.


41.   Compare fuel prices

driver can use the function to check out various fuel prices. This will lead to
them eventually paying less at the pump as it uses live data for the driver to
get the best deal in your area. It is important to note that prices are not
available in some areas.


42.   Find businesses

that is required to find a business is to say the name and the system will find
it. The driver’s voice can be used to access various apps like Yelp and the
Destination search. There are other features such as scheduling a dinner and a
movie. You can plan the perfect night each time with minimal effort.


43.   Scout GPS Link

app is a navigation app that is based on the cell phone that will provide turn
by turn directions on the Entune Audio Plus display screen. It is important to
note that this system may not be available in all Toyota vehicle.


44.   Sirius XM

all the Toyota vehicles both new and certified will come with the availability
of a 3 month SiriusXM Trial subscription. There will be many channels available
including all the premium programming you will need. This will mean access to
news, sports, talk and comedy.


45.   HD Radio

are many channels that are available to the driver in clear digital sound.
These system is completely subscription free and uses HD Radio technology. This
is currently in available in vehicles from 2016 and newer vehicles and it will
offer more content than what is on the radio.


46.   JBL

JBL system is a powerful one that offers the driver a consistent and
exceptional sound that does not consider what the input source is. The sounds are
comparable to what you experience from up to 15 speakers and a single amp that
will be fine-tuned to Toyota’s individual acoustics.



This is a real time
traffic monitoring which will show the current traffic flow in the area. It
also gives a predictive feature to give you the best help when you are starting
your route. This feature can help you to decide the best possible route to
arrive at your chosen destination.


Exterior Design

The Camry has an amazing
shape that will announce when you arrive anywhere. The shape defines a mixed of
chisel surfaces and curves alongside rocker panel and a spoiler that is used to
provide better airflow to provide efficiency and performance.


Aggressive Front

The lines in the front are
aggressive and offer a gloss black grille will attract the driver. There is a
sports mesh that will project a fine appearance. This is one of the many fine details
that are found on the 2018 Camry.                                                                         


Dual exhaust

There is a dual exhaust
feature that offers the driver quad chrome tips that gives the car an amazing
and powerful look. This is supported by its powerful sound that will be
guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.